CONNECT Songs Lands Synch Placement for The Eiffels

Wouldn’t it be cool to have your music on TV? That recently happened for ReverbNation band The Eiffels! The LA-based indie-pop trio landed a placement on UK reality show The Only Way Is Essex through CONNECT Songs. Check out the clip below to hear their infectious song “City All Night” and learn more about CONNECT Songs here.

CaseyCONNECT Songs Lands Synch Placement for The Eiffels
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ICYMI: A feature in Fast Company, The Watch List’s Newest Artist, and more

From to exciting features to synch placements, it's been a busy few weeks for us and our artists. Check out our news recap for stories you may have missed!

  • We were recently featured in Fast Company for our artist development initiatives. Read the article to find out how we’re using a mix of human curation and big data to identify talented artists!
  • Sammy Brue, one of the first artists to join ReverbNation CONNECT, was featured in The New Yorker. He made their list of teenagers who are shaping the future of pop music. Plus, he signed to New West Records earlier this month!
  • Our singles series, The Watch List, premiered electro-pop powerhouse Monogem’s summery single “Take It Slow” on The FADER. The infectious single has since hit #5 on Hype Machine.
  • CONNECT Songs, our licensing partnership with Sentric Music, landed a synch placement for L.A.-based indie-pop trio The Eiffels on UK reality show, The Only Way Is Essex. Watch the clip here.




CaseyICYMI: A feature in Fast Company, The Watch List’s Newest Artist, and more
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Meet Your New Obsession: Monogem

It’s easy to say that electro-pop babe, Monogem, will quickly become your new obsession. The LA-based songstress is the newest addition to ReverbNation CONNECT’s The Watch List singles series and recently premiered her dreamy single “Take It Slow” on The FADER. The FADER said, “it’s really the perfect sexy summer track.”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video to learn about Monogem’s background, where she draws inspiration from, and more.

CaseyMeet Your New Obsession: Monogem
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Artist Session: Josh Savage

Singer-songwriter Josh Savage recently released his music video for “Bella,” and we chatted with him over email about what it’s like to hold the record for playing the most SoFar shows, his bilingual writing process, and more.

You recently performed in Warsaw for a TED Talk! TED Talk is LEGIT! How did you land such a rad gig and tell us about your experience.

A Polish music promoter has been inviting me to play in Poland for a while, but I was never able to fit Poland on my tours. When I was asked to play TEDx Warsaw as a special guest after the promoter’s speech, I didn’t hesitate. I said “I’m there!”.

It all happened so quickly and I was stunned by the audience’s response at the end. Some people in Poland came up to me to say they’ve been listening to my music before I had even set foot there. It was very surreal!

You’re a British native but grew up in France. What was that like and how has that influenced your music? How would you compare both music scenes?

When I was living in Paris, I was only involved with classical music. I guess it gave me my fondness for melodies until Britpop influences inspired me. France doesn’t have a great music scene for unsigned artists unfortunately, which is why I am based in the UK. In the UK, you can get shows by emailing live music venues and there are many live music venues to choose from. In France however, it’s almost impossible to find shows if you’re unsigned and don’t have the contacts. It took me 2 years to get a decent show in Paris and that’s because of an inside man. That’s why I have mostly done living room shows there.

Last year you released your French EP Quate Epines, tell us about the EP and what your songwriting process is like in French?

I did a music degree at the University of York in England and needed to submit an album for my final project. However, I wasn’t confident about my lyric-writing at the time. So I wrote the lyrics in French to avoid getting them marked. It worked a treat! It was my highest graded project at university.

Quatre Epines EP consists of 4 songs from that album and it’s inspired by my favourite book when I was growing up in Paris – Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. I found writing in French more difficult than writing in English, but I found it refreshing. The rhyme schemes are different and the French vowels are more nasal than English vowels so you have to alter them slightly when you’re singing so that the note can ring better.

You hold the record for playing the most Sofar Sounds shows worldwide—that’s insane! How did you get started with that and would you say the intimacy of playing in small settings is better than playing for huge crowds?

I was invited to play Sofar Oxford back in January 2013 with no idea what to expect. I thought I made a mistake when the address brought me to somebody’s house instead of a venue. It turned out to be the best show I had ever played and it inspired me to set up Sofar Sounds in Winchester and Southampton. I regularly play Sofars on my tours, I’ve now played 40 Sofar Sounds shows around the world.

Both small intimate settings and huge crowds have their perks. Intimate living room shows are a great way to introduce yourself in new cities and you have a better connection with your audience. Huge crowds are more wild and unpredictable and when they work, nothing compares.

We heard you’ve been booking your own tours since 2013 including a USA tour. What advice would you give to artists who are eager to get on the road?

Just do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Wing it, take risks and learn on the go. If you have a right state of mind, it will work out.

Josh, we’re obsessed with the video for “Lost In Paris,” where did you come with the concept of having a bear roam around the city?

It was very spontaneous actually. It was supposed to be a romantic video of me wandering around Paris until I figured… that’s actually quite boring. I was wearing a t-shirt at the time of a bear playing a guitar with caption “Will sing for honey”. I called a French friend and asked: “Where’s the closest place I can find a bear costume?”. You saw what happened next. It was bloody hot in there!

Fave jam right now?

Aurora’s ‘Running With The Wolves – Pablo Nouvelle Remix’

What’s next for Josh Savage?

I’ve moved to London and I’m writing my debut album. It’s going to take a while, so in the meantime I’m will release an EP of songs I’ve written on the piano.

Check out Josh’s curated Collection here!

CaseyArtist Session: Josh Savage
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Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including features and premieres on The FADER, NPR, and more.

PureVolume premiered The Upset Victory’s new lyric video for “Don’t Give Up the Night.” PureVolume said, “The track has a spunky, dance punk vibe that recalls some of the strong characteristics of Panic! At the Disco, yet retains their unique flair and remains faithful to the sound they’ve carved out over the years. It’s a reenergized and triumphant return for the band.”

Monogem Approved Press Photo

Monogem by Dillon O’Neal

Monogem was announced as the newest artist to be featured in ReverbNation CONNECT’s The Watch List. The Los Angeles-based electro-pop goddess has attracted the attention from all corners of the music industry with her silky disco-tinged tunes.  This week, The FADER premiered Monogem’s sultry new single “Take It Slow.” 

NPR included Brooklyn-based folk singer Jaye Bartell in their weekly series “All Songs Considered,” a collection of new songs to fall in love with. NPR said, “Jaye Bartell’s voice has a deep resonance reminiscent of Leonard Cohen. His words combine storytelling and poetry into powerful songwriting.”

Following a residency at The Bootleg Theatre and then a slew of shows at SXSW, Lena Fayre premiered a soaring new single and a wintry music video titled, “Cry,” on Flaunt Magazine.

Allie & Ivy

Allie & Ivy

Following a three-album record deal with New West Records, 15-year-old Americana prodigy Sammy Brue, was featured in The New Yorker! Sammy Brue is featured in The New Yorker’s “The Teenagers Shaping Pop,” a list of under-twenty artists shaping the future of music

Australian popstress, Allie & Ivy unleashed her edgy new single, “Get Hi,” a bright little number on Project U.

CaseySuccess Story Update
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Sammy Brue Featured in The New Yorker’s List of “The Teenagers Shaping Pop”

How exciting is it to see a ReverbNation CONNECT artist in The New Yorker? This week Americana prodigy Sammy Brue, who was one of the first artists to join CONNECT and who recently signed with New West Records, was included in The New Yorker’s list of “The Teenagers Shaping Pop.” The impressive list highlighted under-twenty artists who are changing the music world and are shaping the future of pop. They described the 15-year-old as, “Brue, who is based in Utah, tackles such dark subjects as skipping a funeral and unresolved arguments: “The last time that we were fighting / I was thinking about the day that you’d be gone.“”

Visit The New Yorker to check out Sammy’s feature or look for it in this week’s print edition.

CaseySammy Brue Featured in The New Yorker’s List of “The Teenagers Shaping Pop”
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The Watch List: Monogem Premieres “Take It Slow” On The Fader

The Watch List follows ReverbNation CONNECT artists as they travel from their hometown to cities like NYC and Nashville to record new music and hone their craft, documenting the journey along the way. This month’s featured Watch List Artist is Monogem, whose single "Take It Slow" premiered on The FADER.

We’re excited to announce the newest addition to The Watch List: Monogem. The L.A. songstress premiered her sultry new single “Take It Slow” on The FADER along with a mini-doc that takes you inside the captivating world of the electro-pop powerhouse. Monogem tells The FADER, “‘Take It Slow’ puts into words and music an impossible, fleeting love, so heightened and electric that you want to consume it whole and yet take it slow, all at once.” Head over to The FADER to fall in love with “Take It Slow” and

Learn more about The Watch List.

CaseyThe Watch List: Monogem Premieres “Take It Slow” On The Fader
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Success Story Update

Throughout the week, our ReverbNation CONNECT team keeps track of industry news and artist successes. We’ve got your weekly recap of the top stories you’ve missed, including features and premieres on Crave Online, Gorilla vs Bear, and more.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.58.49 PM

My Gold Mask

Crave Online premiered New York rockers, Midnight Mob’s video to their soaring single “Ghosts.”

Atlanta duo, The Pheels dropped another hazy production titled, “The Heartbreaker,” and BULLETT Media said, “think Washed Out meets Allan Kingdom–a more organic approach to R&B that sets them apart from the pack.”

Gorilla vs Bear premiered Brooklyn producer, Carslon’s single “Purgatory,” a collaboration with the intensely haunting and captivating sounds of Autre Ne Veut. “Purgatory,” is the first track off Carlson’s EP Going South.

Following the release of their latest album ‘Anxious Utopia,’ My Gold Mask shared their music video to their soaring single, “Connect,” on The Wild Magazine. “‘Connect’ is a song about modern isolation in an era of being able to be connected to everyone all at once, and simultaneously not being connected to anyone,” the band told The Wild Magazine.

No Country For New Nashville premiered blues-rocker, Jack Berry’s single “Coal.” The gritty tune is Berry’s latest single from his upcoming EP Mean Machine, which has already gained the praise of Consequence of Sound, Crave Online, and Spill Machine.

Jack Berry

Jack Berry

The 405 premiered Norwegian artist, Gundelach’s latest single, ‘Fjernsynet,’ off his soon-to-be released debut EP. The 405 said “‘Fjernsynet,’ which is Norwegian for “television set” is “brimming with soft introspective lyrics, mellow falsetto and surging analog-electronic production, co-produced by Joel Ford.”

CaseySuccess Story Update
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