Getting your music onto services like iTunes and Spotify is essential to an independent Artist’s complete web presence. We’re proud to offer our Artists a quick and affordable method of digital distribution, and we want to help make sure that your release won’t get rejected by the retailers’ strict guidelines.

With that in mind, we put together a final checklist to make sure that your release meets those requirements and doesn’t end up delayed. Watch the following video, or check out the highlights below.

Rights Ownership

You alone must own or control all necessary rights to any song or User Content that you submit for Digital Distribution. You are responsible for securing all appropriate permissions, clearances, licenses, or other authorizations and for paying all third-party fees and royalties required.

If you submit a cover song, you must obtain the appropriate license from a rights management organization (Harry Fox Agency, Limelight, etc.) to do so and should be able to provide documentation of this license to us.

You must own or control the rights to all images, logos, and trademarks you display on your album artwork, and you must be able to submit proof of ownership to us.

Size & Content of Artwork

Your album artwork must be a complete square — e.g. the exact same dimensions on either side. Ideally, your artwork should be no smaller than 1500 x 1500 pixels. If your artwork is smaller than that, you will be prompted to add a colored border to your release, which may result in some of the artwork being altered.


This is an example of what adding a colored border to your release could look like.

Also, make sure that you or your designer did not simply enlarge a smaller image to meet these size requirements — this will result in a blurry, pixelated image that will also get your release rejected.

This was a small image that was enlarged to meet the 1500x1500px requirement — it would be rejected by iTunes for blurriness.

This was a smaller image that was enlarged to meet the 1500x1500px requirement.

Your artwork cannot display any nudity, drugs, extreme violence, company logos, or website URLS. The ONLY text you can display on your artwork is your Album Title, Artist Name, Record Label, Producer, or Contributing Guests. Please note that any text on your artwork must match what you list in your Release Details.


You cannot list URLs, logos, or extra text on your album cover.

Performer Attribution

It’s important to give credit to featured performers who contributed to your work, but you’ll want to do that in the Song Details section of each song — NOT in the song title itself.


Make sure you list any contributors in the right section — NOT in the Song Title.


If you need further assistance with any of these issues, please feel free to email our Support team at To learn more about Digital Distribution, visit here.

(iTunes and Spotify are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. and Spotify AB Corporation respectively.)

Jackie VensonJackie Venson may be young, but she’s already got years of music experience behind her. The up-and-coming multi-instrumentalist started her musical career as a classically trained pianist, then moved onto guitar and songwriting. Venson’s soulful, bluesy sensibilities recently received some well-deserved attention. She won the Belk Southern Musician Showcase and earned a spot on the Belk Summer Tour.

Music journalist Schuyler Rooth asked Jackie a few questions about the experience of winning such an honorable performance opportunity. Fresh from the excitement of the Belk Summer Tour and from releasing her latest album, “The Light In Me,” Jackie expressed her gratitude about winning, her fans’ reactions, and the jumping off point this win has afforded her career.

So how has this experience with Belk affected your career?

Winning this opportunity has really flipped everything on its back. I’ve been exposed to different Artists’ careers and what different aspects of the music industry look and feel like. I’ve been able to add big names to my resume, which has landed me a ton of other opportunities. I have also partnered with Belk, and they continue to give me new opportunities. It has been life and career changing. [Read More...]

Miguel Dakota

This summer, Miguel Dakota was launched from his DIY roots in Colorado to the televisions of millions, eventually reaching the top ranks of America’s Got Talent. 

Guest author (and noted Los Angeles-based DJ) Jessica Gonyea spoke with him about everything from EDM and ReverbNation, to performing alongside Lenny Kravitz, and why you’ll never find him covering “Wonderwall” at a college party.

Miguel Dakota sounds surprisingly relaxed when he picks up his home phone in Monument, Colorado. After a whirlwind experience that found him in front of an audience of celebrities and squealing fans, the heartthrob of this season’s AGT is taking a breather and getting back to the reason we know him in the first place — his music.

ReverbNation: So, besides the press and exposure, how has AGT changed your life? How would you have approached your singing career without it, and what outlets and tools did you find most useful as a DIY Artist?

Miguel Dakota: It’s been amazing. Just to be able to perform on huge stages, with amazing Artists like Lenny Kravitz and make connections with a lot of people in the industry has been pretty incredible. I got the opportunity through ReverbNation; they have opportunities all the time where you can submit your profile and get played on certain stations or festivals. America’s Got Talent was one of those opportunities — it was to get a special call time in the open call. I sent my press kit in, they called me back a few weeks later. It was pretty crazy. [Read More...]

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