Now Bands Can Cross-Promote Each Other Anywhere on the Web has announced the launch of TuneWidget — a better way to promote your band and a cool way to introduce new music to your fans.

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What is TuneWidget exactly? For starters, imagine a miniature band website that packs pictures, music, video, band info, tour schedules (w/map), a storefront, and even a “join the mailing list” function into a space about the size of the MySpace music player. Mike Borgia, Indie musician from New York, says “It’s like carrying a website in your (virtual) pocket.” Tunewidget can be posted to social networks like MySpace, on homepages, and to almost any blog. Fans can copy and share TuneWidget with friends, spreading it virally for the musicians they love. Like all of the widgets from ReverbNation, Tunewidget is tracked so that artists know how it is spreading. But what makes TuneWidget really unique is the integrated cross-promotion function it performs wherever it is placed. At the bottom of every TuneWidget is a preview of a recommended artist. Clicking on the recommended artist toggles the Tunewidget to display their virtual website, presenting the fan with a music discovery experience, a warm introduction to a new artist, and an opportunity to buy new music. Tunewidget can be set to recommend any number of other artists and will rotate them accordingly.

“Tune Widget adds a whole new dimension to cross-promotion as we know it. Instead of simply posting cross promotional material up on a static site where it can only be seen by a finite number of viewers, fans can now post tune widgets anywhere on the web, making its value exponential,” explains Gigi Greco, CEO, ArtAttack Promotions (Los Lonely Boys, Jackson Taylor, Canibus, John Lee Hooker, deSoL)

Early results indicate that the TuneWidget is extremely effective:

• Fans played the music at double the rate of other music widgets
• Fans stayed engaged longer with the Tunewidget than other widgets
• Fans switched the view to the recommended artist over 40% of the time if they had played music from the main artist
• Fans tended to listen to a significant portion of the song from the recommended artist when they switched to them

“As competition for fans heats up, cross-promotion just becomes more and more important. Artists, labels, and managers rely on it to introduce new music to the established fan bases they have painstakingly built over time,” says Mike Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation. “TuneWidget gives them a whole new way to help their friends, label-mates, or touring partners by driving fans to each other from anywhere on the web. It’s kind of like the Top 8 at MySpace, but for the entire Web.”

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reverb_administratorNow Bands Can Cross-Promote Each Other Anywhere on the Web

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