ReverbNation: Artists Can Now Tag Songs as ‘Exclusives’ for Fans Only

Fan ExclusiveReverbNation announces Fan Exclusives, an innovative feature that empowers Artists to use their content as a way to gather contact information and demographics from their listeners in exchange for access to full streams or downloads.

The new feature is free to Artists, and allows them to designate any song as a Fan Exclusive, limiting its play to a 30 second preview if the listener is not a registered Fan of the Artist. During playback, the listener is notified that the song is a Fan Exclusive and prompted to register as an official Fan of the Artist by providing an email address and some basic demographic information. This information is protected under the ReverbNation privacy policy, and can only be used by the Artist to which it was submitted.

reverb_administratorReverbNation: Artists Can Now Tag Songs as ‘Exclusives’ for Fans Only
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