ReverbNation Launches Gig Finder to Help Musicians Target Playing Opportunities

ReverbNation, a leading online marketing and promotions platform for musicians, announces Gig Finder, an innovative search application that makes it easier for Artists to locate clubs and venues that fit their style and capacity requirements, making the chances of finding a match and landing a gig much higher. Gig Finder is the latest in a series of six powerful tools available for free in the ReverbNation “Artist Toolbox”, a super-suite of solutions that help Artists from all walks of life grow their fan base and their business.

Gig Finder

Gig Finder can do all of the basic searches an Artist would expect, including finding venues by name or by geographic location. But the real power of Gig Finder comes from the two advanced searches:

• Similar Venues Search — Finds venues in other locations that are similar to one that the Artist has already played, or knows.
• Similar Artists Search — Finds venues where other Artists with similar characteristics have played.

All of Gig Finder’s search filters are “stackable” on top of each other, allowing the Artist to narrow down the results to a very specific list of venues that match with their tour criteria.

“Gig Finder is an easy way for Artists to fill in the gaps on a tour, build a new tour from scratch, or just figure out how to branch out of the local area,” said Jed Carlson, Co-Founder and COO of “Hundreds of thousands of Artists, Venue Operators, and Promoters have added shows to our wiki-style database. We want to leverage all of that data for the benefit of our users, and Gig Finder is the first step.”

Mike Borgia, Indie Artist from New York City adds, “To have access to such a comprehensive gig finding tool is hands down the best and most useful feature any artist could ever ask for. Gig Finder is just brilliant!”

The Reverb Press Kit (RPK), a digital package that Artists use to represent themselves to Venues, will be available soon to augment the Gig Finder offering. The RPK will contain traditional items like songs, videos, photos, and bios, but will also allow the Artist to include their statistics, like the number of listeners or fans they have in the local area, and the aggregate demographics of those fans. The purpose of these new tools is to make better and more efficient matches between Artists and Venues, leading to more sold out shows.

For more info on Gig Finder, Click Here.

Download the PDF of this Press Release

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reverb_administratorReverbNation Launches Gig Finder to Help Musicians Target Playing Opportunities

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