ReverbNation Survey: Artists and Health Care

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It’s a hot topic for those of us who are citizens of the United States.  Congress, the President, talk show hosts, movie stars, and even my very own barber have strong opinions about health care reform.  So we at ReverbNation thought it the appropriate time to ask some of our Artists about their health care situations and opinions.  The following represents some of the data collected from a survey taken by a small, random sample of Artists who are US citizens (n=259).

There was tremendous interest in this topic from the Artists we surveyed.  Many of them filled several paragraphs in the open ended response we allowed at the end (responses not reported here).  As a result of those impassioned responses, it is likely that we will expand the scope of the survey in terms of questions asked, questions reported to the public, and number of Artists surveyed in the near future.  Stay tuned.  I will post the follow up here at MTT if/when it becomes available. Hit the jump for the results:

Do you think that health care coverage is a right you are entitled to as a citizen of the United States?

Are you aware of the proposal by the President of the USA.?

Do you have health insurance?

Are you the only person in your household covered by healthcare insurance?

How many are in your household?

Who provides your health insurance?

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KevinReverbNation Survey: Artists and Health Care

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  • Joey - April 9, 2012 reply

    I have health care insurance from the V.A. I think that affordable health care should be available to everyone.

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