Coming Soon: Sell Direct to Your Fans with the Reverb Store!

Reverb Store

ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for more than 450,000 artists, labels, managers and venues, has partnered with Audiolife, the leader in direct-to-fan eCommerce, to create the Reverb Store. The Reverb Store is a complete direct-to-fan eCommerce offering that is accessible to every ReverbNation artist at no charge. The Reverb Store allows artists and record labels to design an unlimited number of physical and digital products online, and then offer them for sale without spending a single dollar up front to generate inventory. The products are produced on-demand when they are ordered, then delivered straight to the fan.

“ReverbNation has been building toward this goal since day one. We wanted to provide a single turnkey solution for the serious musician that allowed them to promote, build and manage a fan-base, and transact business with them,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation. “Audiolife shared our vision. The Reverb Store allows artists to layer a purchasing opportunity into every fan interaction they have online, whether it’s at Facebook, MySpace, a blog, or the band’s own website.”

Brandon Hance, Founder and CEO of Audiolife adds, “Artists need solutions that can help them grow their fan base and convert those fans into customers. The Reverb Store is the total package, combining the best of ReverbNation and Audiolife. With potentially hundreds of thousands of artists and labels using the Reverb Store, Audiolife can stay focused on innovating and enhancing the commerce and merchandising capabilities of the product.”

Reverb Store

The Reverb Store is currently in private Beta, and will be publicly available at in October:

The Reverb Store is free to setup and run.

ANY Artist can open a store, create as many custom items as they want, and operate the store for free. No monthly minimums, no monthly fees.

There is no inventory to buy up front, and no hassles.

Artists create unlimited ‘virtual’ inventory for merchandise, CDs, ringtones, and downloads, for sale in the store. Items are produced and shipped (or downloaded) when a fan makes a purchase. It requires no cash up front, no storage of inventory, and no packaging or shipping by the artist.

Comes standard with integrated marketing and promotion tools.

The Reverb Store is woven into the very fabric of ReverbNation’s leading marketing and promotion system, making it the only store that can help drive more sales right out of the box.

Works on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and more.

Reverb Store works on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, homepages, blogs, and more. It’s easily deployed as a widget, application, email or hyperlink — so fans can buy from wherever they live online.

Customizable look and feel.

It’s about the Artist’s brand, not ours. The Reverb Store can be customized with the Artist’s own background, header bar, and more, helping to build the Artist’s brand, and allowing the store to fit seamlessly into websites, blogs or social networks.

Artists can buy their own products in small batch or bulk.

Whether the need is 30 customized t-shirts for the next show or 3000 t-shirts for taking on tour, Artists can tap into their own Reverb Store at competitive wholesale and bulk prices.

Artists, Labels, or Distributors interested in learning more about Reverb Store can send an email to:

Download the PDF of this Press Release

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reverb_administratorComing Soon: Sell Direct to Your Fans with the Reverb Store!

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