Paul Vidich, Former Executive at Warner & AOL, Joins Board of

vidichReverbNation, the leading music marketing platform that connects more than 500,000 artists, labels, managers and venues, to over 20 million music fans worldwide, has announced the appointment of Paul Vidich, former Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group and Special Advisor to AOL, to its Board of Directors.

Mr. Vidich will bring his extensive experience with music and media from CBS, Warner Music Group, and AOL to the leading artist-focused music and marketing platform. As EVP at Warner Music, Mr. Vidich was responsible for global business development and technology strategy, closing the first major record company agreement with Apple iTunes in 2002, which became the template for deals Apple would later conclude with Universal Music, Sony, and EMI. At AOL, Mr. Vidich was the senior executive in charge of video operations, and helped establish the first on-demand, premium-content video portal that laid the ground work for companies like Hulu.

reverb_administratorPaul Vidich, Former Executive at Warner & AOL, Joins Board of
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ReverbNation Launches Playlist 7 to Sponsor Free Music from Top Emerging Artists

Playlist 7

ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for more than 500,000 artists, labels, managers and venues has announced the launch of a new music discovery program called Playlist 7 sponsored by Microsoft Windows. The program will showcase emerging artists from the rock, pop, alternative, hip-hop, latin, jazz, and electronica/dance genres. Music fans from around the world will choose 7 artists each week to appear in ‘Playlist 7’ and receive additional promotion and cash compensation.

“The fans get free music from up and coming artists every week, plus they get to decide which Artists make it to the top of Playlist 7,” said Lou Plaia, vice president of Artist Relations at ReverbNation. “The artists get exposure and cash compensation every step of the way. Everybody wins with Playlist 7.”

reverb_administratorReverbNation Launches Playlist 7 to Sponsor Free Music from Top Emerging Artists
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Our Contract With You

Mike DoernbergReverbNation was founded in 2006 with a single objective — give the artist the tools and opportunities they need to become more successful! Today, more than 500,000 artists, 15,000 record labels and managers, and thousands of venues use ReverbNation every day.

The old music business was simple — write some songs, get signed, produce a record and let the rest take care of itself. Today, the business is far more complex. Bands have to pay attention to a lot more, educate themselves in new areas and generally be more active in their own business. We recognize that making music, not the music business, is your passion.

ReverbNation is an integrated solution for marketing your music and making money. It is designed to give each artist a single place to do what is necessary to be successful. Everything you need is in one place and most of it is free. At ReverbNation you can distribute your music, manage your fans, sell merch and music, promote your shows, and everything else. It lets you spend less time managing your business and more time making music. And, because it is fully integrated, ReverbNation makes sure that everything you do is connected to everything else. Book a show and every show schedule is updated. create a t-shirt and not only is your store updated, but so is Facebook and every widget. The system is integrated so you get the best results.

ReverbNation tracks data, lots of data. Every artist is provided with detailed statistics on their progress, but with half a million bands and armed with a deep understanding of their influence, we are able to do a lot more than provide tools. We provide opportunity! Every month we introduce new opportunities to get gigs, be sponsored, and license your music. To date thousands of artists have benefitted. As the ReverbNation community grows, we are able to create bigger and better opportunities for you. We believe that we are in partnership with the community, and for this reason, since its inception, ReverbNation has followed a simple rule — share the money with the artists. Every advertising, sponsorship and license dollar is shared.

The deal is simple. Make great music, use ReverbNation, and we will do everything we can to help you be successful.

MikeOur Contract With You
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