New Feature: The Reverb Store

Jed Carlson

Sell Music, Ringtones and Merch Directly to Your Fans For FREE!

The Reverb Store has launched and Artists can now set up their own official Web store for free and sell music and merchandisControl Room - Rockberry Pie-2e directly to their fans in minutes.

With the Reverb Store, Artists can set up shop with zero out-of-pocket expense and sell directly to their fans on Facebook, MySpace, their Web site or blog, or virtually anywhere else.  Artists can even buy their own CDs and merch in bulk for deep discounts to sell at shows.  The look and feel of the Reverb Store is completely customizable and Artists can choose which items they want to feature on the home page to bring special attention to.

Learn more about the Reverb Store

An example of a Reverb Store web page. This is your store’s home base. You can give direct links to this store in Tweets, Facebook status updates, e-mails, or put it on your business cards:

The Rockberry Pie Store

An example of a Reverb Store on Facebook:

Digital End Cap-1

Clicking on that Digital End Cap takes you to your Store within Facebook, where users can view and buy all of your merchandise, from T-shirts and bags, to physical and digital music, to ringtones, all without leaving Facebook.

Store on Facebook

Here is an example of a Reverb Store Widget that you can place anywhere else that you can put HTML, such as a MySpace page or a blog:

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KevinNew Feature: The Reverb Store


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