‘Do-it-Yourself’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Do-it-Alone’

Let’s be honest, when I was VP of Marketing at Lava and Atlantic Records, I never really had to do anything myself.  I had a roster of Artists with fans, a staff of people, and a big wad of cash to spend.  I was an insider with the tools of the music business at my fingertips.  During those days, being D.I.Y. meant that you were on the outside of the music machine looking in.   You recorded your own music, booked your own shows, and had to figure out how to move your career forward without much guidance or help.

But today, D.I.Y means something much different.  Today D.I.Y. represents a proactive choice to own yourself, to be the CEO of your business and brand.

And while owning yourself can provide much more choice and opportunity, it also comes with greater responsibility for your own success:

  • You provide the funding
  • You set the strategy and goals
  • You execute the plan
  • You decide if/when to change course

Lou Plaia‘Do-it-Yourself’ Doesn’t Mean ‘Do-it-Alone’
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