Your New Bigger, Badder and More Powerful

Yesterday ReverbNation launched a massive upgrade to the look and feel of the site.  We have a new logo, and a new site, but the same die-hard, Artists-First philosophy. Take a look at your  profile page and you’ll immediately see all of the improvements (just in case, we included a huge list of updates after the jump).

Why did we make these updates? The answer is simple: You asked for them.  We’ve read countless survey responses, and had tons of conversations with Artists, Venue owners, Labels, Managers, Fans and everyone involved in the music business. Here are the most common things you asked for:

•    A more professional looking profile page
•    Customization of your pages
•    Viral content
•    A better music experience for fans

The feature list below was designed to address all of these concerns and more.  Plus, look for even more user-requested features coming in the next few weeks. We want you to know that you are more than just users of our site. You are citizens of the Nation, and your voice matters.

-Ferol Vernon Product Development Team

KevinYour New Bigger, Badder and More Powerful
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