Your New Bigger, Badder and More Powerful

Yesterday ReverbNation launched a massive upgrade to the look and feel of the site.  We have a new logo, and a new site, but the same die-hard, Artists-First philosophy. Take a look at your  profile page and you’ll immediately see all of the improvements (just in case, we included a huge list of updates after the jump).

Why did we make these updates? The answer is simple: You asked for them.  We’ve read countless survey responses, and had tons of conversations with Artists, Venue owners, Labels, Managers, Fans and everyone involved in the music business. Here are the most common things you asked for:

•    A more professional looking profile page
•    Customization of your pages
•    Viral content
•    A better music experience for fans

The feature list below was designed to address all of these concerns and more.  Plus, look for even more user-requested features coming in the next few weeks. We want you to know that you are more than just users of our site. You are citizens of the Nation, and your voice matters.

-Ferol Vernon Product Development Team

For Artists

A Better music playing experience
Songs keep playing as you browse the site — without that annoying pop-up player!

Custom Wallpaper
We know you want to customize the look and feel of your page so we gave you control over the wallpaper to your profile page. Use one of our awesome preset patterns, or upload your own photo to make your profile page as unique as you are.

Customizable Sidebar Modules

Choose which pieces of content you want to display to fans and how high up on the page you want to display it. You can also create a custom module that allows you to highlight your current promotion — whether that’s a new CD available for sale, a special show or event or anything else.

Rockstar sharing function
Every profile page on the site sports improved sharing functions, maximizing your exposure across social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

Death to tabs!
We heard you loud and clear, the tabs were making your content hard to find. Chunks of each type of content are now displayed on the profile with links to see more and each “See More” page is an opportunity for you to provide richer content for your fans to discover and enjoy.

FREE Reverb Store: Sell your music, merch and ringtones directly to fans (and buy in bulk for your shows)
The Reverb Store is a FREE feature that allows you to build CDs, ringtones, song downloads, T-shirts, hats, and mugs, for sale directly to your fans with ZERO money out of your pocket. When the fans order your products, we make them, ship them, and send you the profits. The Reverb Store works on Facebook, MySpace, your own website or blog, or via a widget to just about anywhere. The Reverb Store also offers a bulk buy option for when you want to stock up on your items at low prices — perfect for taking merch on the road and selling at shows.

Song pages with lyrics
Each song now has it’s own page to allow you to post lyrics to the site so fans can know what to sing at your shows.

Highlighted local shows

The ‘Shows’ section of the Artist profile will now detect a visitor’s location and call special attention to an Artists’ upcoming shows that are within 50 miles of the visiting fan.

New, Improved Widgets (with your branding, not ours) (Coming February 4th)
After receiving hundreds of suggestions from users, we’re releasing a new assortment of widgets that are even better than the originals. Widgets will now come with a variety of base skins to choose from and will also allow you to add your own wallpaper, customize the size, and remove the ReverbNation branding.  The old widgets will also remain available if you prefer those

FanReach E-Mail improvements (Coming February 4th)
We no longer count users who unsubscribe from your list against your total mailing list amount.

Promoting your shows on the top live concert sites
We are now pulling in concert data and ticket links from Bands in Town, Jambase, Eventful, and LiveNation. We also sync the concert data you add back out to those sites.

Improved Gig Finder
Within the powerful Advanced Options for Gig Finder is a new genre filter that will locate only venues that tend to play the genres of music you select. It’s a great complement to the other advanced features that will help connect you with the most appropriate clubs that would be most interested in booking you.

Syncing status updates with Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace
Add a status update at ReverbNation and you can automatically post it out to your other sites.  It also ingests posts you make to those other sites and displays them.

New Home Page

Local charts and shows are given higher billing to visitors of the site (we detect where the visitor is coming from to highlight the content relevant to them). Check it out at

Reverb Radio
Visitors can more easily engage Reverb Radio to play a random playlist by genre, locality of Artists, or their favorites.

ReverbNation Blog
Obviously, if you are reading this, you’ll notice that we now have an official blog where you can sound off and read up on our latest thinking about the music business, and hear about updates to ReverbNation. Check it out at

Venue Profiles

Brand new layout
These pages now have the potential to be the home base for all fans who want to see what’s happening at your venue or for bands who want to play there. (see an example here -needs link)

Google Maps displays directly on profile

Every aspect of the venue profile page has been redone. The location of the venue is shown directly on the page to ensure that fans will know exactly where they need to go.

Event Details pages, ticket links, complete show schedules, etc.
Our updated interface displays each show with more visible links and detailed show information.

Fan Profiles

Control your music life with Your Fan Control Room
With the addition of a Control Room for Fan pages, it’s easier for you to update and maintain your profile, and now you have a home base to follow great local artists.

Better local shows information
Do you like to go see live music? We’ve made it easier and faster to find the shows you want to see. From the homepage to your new control room that highlights shows for you, the site has been redesigned to support your music habit.

Save concerts you want to attend
See a show you just can’t miss? Easily bookmark shows you’re interested in and let your friends know. Who knows? You may find a new show buddy.

Twitter Sync
Update both your ReverbNation and Twitter statuses with just one click.

Improved Stats
Fan Stats have been updated so that you can always see your most played and promoted songs, as well as breakdown of your musical tastes by genre.

Label/Manager Profile

Cleaner display for Roster, Show Schedule and New Releases
We redid the label/manager profiles and upgraded them to have a more engaging display and deeper pages.

Manage your artists’ Premium Services without leaving your Control Room
Now you can add and manage Premium Services for all of the artists on your label without the hassle of going from account to account.

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KevinYour New Bigger, Badder and More Powerful


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  • uberVU - social comments - February 1, 2010 reply

    Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by ReverbNation: ReverbNation Re-designed: Bigger, Badder and more powerful:

  • Kristina Furey - February 1, 2010 reply

    Very pleased with your continuation to evolve to our needs!—THANKS!!!

  • dissapointed - February 4, 2010 reply

    Unfortunatelly. now, this site sucks. Previous Reverbnation was:
    1. speeder
    2. nicer – who made this WindowsVistalike shit?
    3. easier to manage – now you don´t know who the hell is or is not your favorite
    4. newsable – only the same faces on Reverbnation home page – did they paid for
    that? Reverbnation feed is somwhere where you have to look for that foir hours – really fatal mistake

    I truly hope you will change your decision and leave possibility of choice to choose former look of the site – otherwise many, many, many artists will leave this site and you made the nicest road to your competitors.

  • Gerry Pearson - February 4, 2010 reply

    I think you should have a button to keep the classic RN, I personally do not like the new look.

  • Ferol - February 4, 2010 reply

    Hi Disappointed,

    Very sorry to hear your issues with the new site, we try our best to provide great products for our users, so I wanted to make sure to address your concerns below.

    1 – Our tests show that the new site is actually much faster, so if it’s slow for you please email email support (at) You’ll reach someone from our support team (Neal, Will, or Jason) – they are absolutely awesome, and should be able to help you if you are having problems, or fix anything if its running slow .

    2 – The response to the new look has been overwhelmingly positive, we do our best to please as many of our users as possible. That said, we know we can’t please everyone, and that’s why we put in powerful customization features like custom wallpaper, and customizable modules so you can make your profile page look how you want it to look.

    3 – Sorry you are having problems finding your favorites, please provide any suggestions you have directly to our support team know. They’re here to help!

    4 – Our featured artists are a combination of paid and merit-based placements. The ReverbNation feed was removed due to a general lack of popularity, but sometimes we put in user-requested features, even if there’s only a few people that want it. Thanks for the feedback, we’ll take it into consideration.

    Thanks for using ReverbNation and thanks for letting us know how to make it better!


  • Synesthesia - February 5, 2010 reply

    I love the overall look of the new site: very sleek and sexy. Great work! However, I am disappointed over the removal of the “Activity Stream, which was an excellent way for artists to market to ACTIVE users and avoid wasting time on sending emails to people who do not check their mail until months later. It makes marketing ones music much more efficient, in my opinion. Please consider bringing it back. 🙂

    Jed - February 8, 2010 reply

    We ARE going to bring back the activity feed on the home page (probably in next 30-60 days. Thanks to you and other Artists for speaking up about it.


  • Uber Schpunck - February 5, 2010 reply

    Hey guys,
    although I am still not attracting any new fans on the site, overall I’m very pleased with the new look; especially being able to customise the wallpaper and link to your own custom third party widget.

    I noticed you have specified the maximum resolution for widget picture uploads – do you think you could recommend the correct width of picture for wallpaper picture uploads; both tiled and singular.

    I have managed to (just about) achieve a perfect single picture and perfectly symmetrical tiles either side by playing with picture sizes…….can’t you just tell us what picture widths work best to give the same on both sides.

    Just in case anyone reading this wants to know and you don’t follow up on this comment;

    The optimum WIDTH for a symmetrical tiled effect (same both sides) is around about 188px width, with any height you choose.

    (please see my profile for an example of a 188px width tiled effect)
    The actual picture size I uploaded is 188×598.

    Your picture may work better with a slightly larger or smaller width/height but it has to be 188px wide or thereabouts or it doesn’t line up at all.

    What about either the ability to create your own skin or tweak the html code for your page? Bebo does skins and myspace does html, a tiny bit more control over the white sections of your page would be much better.


    Uberschpunck (Scottish Dance/Electronica artist)

  • dissapointed - February 5, 2010 reply

    Hi RVN stuff.

    I am afraid, that maybe the fact, you “tried your best to provide great products” too hard. What made you to think that former RVN page was wrong? Maybe some details could be solved, I agree. Unfortunately, you “poured even child with dirty water out of of the bath”.

    Listen to the voice of musicians and fans, please. Let leave previous version button on this site or:

    put back “Activity stream” window on your home page because now, nobody knows that anyone even exist, truly. It WAS the best feature of your site!!!! With direct link to fans or artists. There is an empty space for this little “window”. Easy, comfortable and nice way how to “listen” voices of artists, what they created, what they thing, wins and looses – all realtime.

    please, leave former music/video player – this is HEART OF THIS PAGE – now it is something what want-or-dont to show itself when passig by… It is really like from Bill Gates – this WindowsVista “IMPROVEMENTS” are horrible – It is really difference when someone LIKE something and when someone is WORKING with that. Consider please this one more time. You was on a good way to be #1 music page on the Internet and now, I think, you created empty space to your competitors.

    I believe you will make your REAL best – and if it is really so complex to you – leave your former RVN button on your home page. You made everything nice and cool for NEW artists, but forgot to those who are here longer time. Tell him it is not a truth.
    Still Dissapointed.

  • dissapointed - February 5, 2010 reply

    Even one joke I´ve heard about your “new look”:

    Three the best bands on NEW REVERBNATION:

    1. Loading Page
    2. Loading
    3. Please Wait

    Have a fun, probably without us.

  • Synesthesia - February 7, 2010 reply

    Would you please please please bring the Activity Stream back? I’m happy with everything else.

  • dissapointed - February 8, 2010 reply

    They won´t dear Synesthesia. They probably received huge amount of money from Microsoft and forgot to artists needs.

  • Heather-Jane - February 8, 2010 reply

    I personally preferred old reverb but thats probably becuase after almost 2 years of using it I had it all down to a fine art. I feel like I have to start over finding my way around again. I can’t believe the activity stream has gone this was one of the best tools as an artist and I know for a fact most other artists also used this as a tool to keep up to date with everything reverb and as a way of making sure the fans you are trying to attract are actual regular users of reverbnation etc. My fans have told me they are confused by the new layouts. I really hope this isnt going to affect stats. Some told me they cant be bothered to click on the ‘more info’ arrows on the profile boxes. Before they could just see at a glance full info. This is very bad to hear! On the plus side the new layout is very sleek, you can customise profile boxes and the new player is better.

  • Synesthesia - February 9, 2010 reply

    Thank you for taking this particular bit of feedback to heart. It eases my mind quite a bit. 🙂

  • Rome X - February 13, 2010 reply

    Theres no way Id wanna go back to the old. You get everything wide open on the profile page woop woop! The activity stream, never even paid attention to it but I guess others did so do what you gotta do. The only thing we dont like is people have no clue that you have a video if you have more than 4 or 5 songs unless you put the video ABOVE the songs you post (which we wont do). Other than that, keep bangin RVN

  • Zeeza Love - February 14, 2010 reply

    I *LOVE* this site! everything about it! It reminds me of the early site when we were paiving the way for Net Artists. I like those widgets sooooo much! Anyway, I can’t wait to get my music finally distributed for digital bliss and download! Thanks for existing!Merci beaucoup!

    Zeeza love

  • Sonic Tantra - February 17, 2010 reply


    Amazing new design, very very lovely look and feel. It’s getting easier to go around and less errors.

    One one suggestion which we really need. Give the labels right to upload music. It’s very difficult to maintain artist profiles specially if your roster is 20+ artists. Net labels really need this feature…

    Rest is looking great!

    All the best!

  • Chris Bracco - February 17, 2010 reply

    great blog guys. this is my first time checking it out and i was pleasantly surprised. just a heads up – there’s a typo in your blogroll: Ariel Hyatt’s biz is Cyber PR, not Cyper PR, hehe.


  • Carl Cavi - February 18, 2010 reply

    I actually like the new is very much more professional, rankings are right there for us, and I like that when searching fans we can see what they are into broken down as far as genre.

    The only suggestion I have is bring the activity streem back or reverb feed..also allow artist to sell their own merchandise because its kinda difficult uplaoding a graphic design that actually works, even tho I’ve had my design printed up several times, when I upload it to reverb its very small.

    I’ll still be here…reverb has helped me in ways other sites hav’nt


  • Ferol - February 18, 2010 reply

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the activity feed is back, you can see “happening now at the nation” below your Local and Global scene on the home page.

    You can also see the full feed at the link below:

    Thanks for your feedback!


  • Synesthesia - February 19, 2010 reply

    You most certainly brought back the Activity Feed, as promised, and for this I thank you. However, you brought it back minus the ability to scan the events within the last 24 hours. This allowed us to market throughout active members regardless of the present activity stream. Is this being done to “level the playing field”? Please consider bringing it back. 🙁

  • Chris - February 22, 2010 reply

    love the new site. great job RN

  • KCDoberstein Wood Flute Music - March 5, 2010 reply

    I like the new look Reverbnation. Easy to work with.

  • Sylkay - May 26, 2010 reply

    I’d love to be able to print my comments page if I wish to.

  • Celestine - November 20, 2010 reply

    Just wondering … I know the limit is 1000 but I am a fan off just over 600 artists and cannot “become a fan”. Any help is appreciated!

  • soul - December 21, 2010 reply

    Hey I have a question? Have you guys set it up so we can add videos to our releases whether in the reverb store and/or itunes? In a time where music is more of a promotional helps to be able to add content like videos to the release to add value to it.

  • hoff - July 16, 2011 reply


  • Carter Smith - August 20, 2011 reply

    Hi I’m a concert promoter that produces shows at multiple venues. I like the new Facebook interface, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to list 3 different venue profiles.

  • Big Ran Feuers - October 14, 2011 reply

    I am still learning new stuff @ ReverbNation, but I am digging it! My music has been moving up the blues charts! Would like to learn more about how to blog etc!

  • rap hip hop - May 7, 2012 reply

    I’ve been surfing on-line more than three hours these days, but I never found any fascinating article like yours. It’s beautiful price enough for me. In my view, if all web owners and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the internet will likely be a lot more helpful than ever before.

  • Barbara - May 7, 2015 reply

    I need to REMOVE a status update that somehow posted from my Twitter account to my Reverbnation page! It’s about leg exercises and def has no place on my page! If anyone knows a quick way to delete a status update, please e-mail me or hit me on my Reverbnation page with a solution! Many thanks!

    Sam - May 12, 2015 reply

    Hi Barbara – Unfortunately, there is no way to “remove” a status update on your ReverbNation profile, but if you just post a new update, that will overwrite whatever is currently on your ReverbNation account. You can post an update that only goes to your ReverbNation account, too, if you don’t want to post on Twitter or Facebook. Hope that helps!

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