ReverbNation teams up with Audiolife to launch the Reverb Store

storeNew York, NY (February 24, 2010) – ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for more than 550,000 artists, labels, managers and venues, has partnered with Audiolife, the leader in direct-to-fan e-commerce, to announce the official launch of the Reverb Store following a private trial period involving more than 15,000 bands.

“Artists are constantly asking me how they can monetize all of their online promotional activities,” said Ariel Hyatt, CEO of CyberPR and music marketing maven. “The Reverb Store is the answer!”

The Reverb Store is the first and only e-commerce solution that empowers musicians to sell t-shirts, hoodies, hats, CDs, downloads and ringtones directly to their fans on Facebook and other social networks, as well as their blog and homepage, without any out-of-pocket expense for setup, store usage, or inventory.

Selling Merchandise on Facebook in Two Minutes or Less from ReverbNationBlog on Vimeo.

“Any artist can connect with fans to sell music and products in less than two minutes using the Reverb Store,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation. “Reverb Store integrates seamlessly inside Facebook with two applications for artists: the leading all-in-one promotional application for bands called ‘MyBand,’ and the stand-alone store application for musician pages called ‘Store.’”

Every product purchased through the Reverb Store is produced on-demand and delivered directly to the fan, via the Audiolife direct-to-fan e-commerce engine. Artists simply set the final price above the cost and keep 100% of the profits from every sale. In addition, artists can use the Reverb Store to order larger quantities of their CDs and merchandise at highly discounted wholesale prices for sale at shows.

“The Reverb Store was designed with one thing in mind: to create a streamlined tool for the artist that would require no financial investment but would afford the musician, band, or label a way to monetize their products through leveraging current technologies,” said Brandon Hance, founder and CEO of Audiolife.

Many bands have taken advantage of the Reverb Store to create multiple versions of t-shirts, analyze fans’ merchandise preferences and order in bulk for tours. Some bands have also used the direct-to-fan eCommerce model to integrate fundraising into their music.

“We recently used the Reverb Store to quickly sell our charity song, ‘We Are Samoa,’ and related merchandise to benefit the Samoa Tsunami relief effort,” said artist, Samoa ONSTSU. “The Reverb Store is an invaluable tool for the independent artist.”

reverb_administratorReverbNation teams up with Audiolife to launch the Reverb Store
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How to Grow Your Fan Base 600% Faster

“How can we grow our fan base faster?”

This is one of the most common questions we get at ReverbNation.  It’s also one of the easiest ones to answer — although I usually pause for effect before answering.

Try giving away free downloads of one of your songs in exchange for the fan’s email address and permission to contact them.

We’ve observed tens of thousands of Artists using this technique (and helped many of them do it with our tools), and the results are quite stunning.  In 2008, we studied two similar groups of artists – one group was using the technique and one group was not.  The group using this method was growing their fan relationships an average of 600% faster than those who were not.

Picture 2 Picture 3

Many Artists struggle with the thought of giving away a good song without getting money in return.  It’s totally understandable.  A song is an extremely personal product for most musicians, requiring great effort and emotional investment to give it life.  The thought of giving it away can be just, well, heart-wrenching.  But ask yourself a question – would you rather trade your song for a dollar, or for the start of a RELATIONSHIP with a fan?

Consider the fact that the average fan will remain on your mailing list for over 3 years.

In that time you might release 3 albums, play over 100 shows, and offer up dozens of music and merch items for sale.  If that fan buys just 1 ticket, 1 album, or 1 t-shirt in that time, it was a good deal for you.  If they share your music with 5 friends or drag 5 people to your show, it was a great deal.  And imagine how many opportunities they will have to share your music with friends when they remain on your mailing list for 3 years.  If you send out just 2 emails per month, they will receive 72 communications from you.

Now, I’m not trying to suggest that simply getting people onto your mailing list will equal success.  You will still be responsible for creating a compelling product and for treating your fans right.  But, if $1 is the cost for starting a relationship with a fan, I urge all Artists to at least try it out. I suspect you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

As you might have guessed, ReverbNation offers you a great tool for growing your fanbase in this way.  It’s called the Fan Exclusive song.  When you upload or edit one of your songs on ReverbNation you can choose the “fan exclusive” option.   Doing so will automatically kick into gear a mechanism where we will begin to help you trade this song for email addresses.  Your ReverbNation page, your widgets,  and your MyBand app on Facebook (powered by ReverbNation) will all display your song for play as usual. But when a fan plays the song, they will be automatically be prompted to join your mailing list in order to get the download. Read about all of the tools after the jump.

KevinHow to Grow Your Fan Base 600% Faster
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