ReverbNation teams up with Audiolife to launch the Reverb Store

storeNew York, NY (February 24, 2010) – ReverbNation, the leading marketing platform for more than 550,000 artists, labels, managers and venues, has partnered with Audiolife, the leader in direct-to-fan e-commerce, to announce the official launch of the Reverb Store following a private trial period involving more than 15,000 bands.

“Artists are constantly asking me how they can monetize all of their online promotional activities,” said Ariel Hyatt, CEO of CyberPR and music marketing maven. “The Reverb Store is the answer!”

The Reverb Store is the first and only e-commerce solution that empowers musicians to sell t-shirts, hoodies, hats, CDs, downloads and ringtones directly to their fans on Facebook and other social networks, as well as their blog and homepage, without any out-of-pocket expense for setup, store usage, or inventory.

Selling Merchandise on Facebook in Two Minutes or Less from ReverbNationBlog on Vimeo.

“Any artist can connect with fans to sell music and products in less than two minutes using the Reverb Store,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of ReverbNation. “Reverb Store integrates seamlessly inside Facebook with two applications for artists: the leading all-in-one promotional application for bands called ‘MyBand,’ and the stand-alone store application for musician pages called ‘Store.’”

Every product purchased through the Reverb Store is produced on-demand and delivered directly to the fan, via the Audiolife direct-to-fan e-commerce engine. Artists simply set the final price above the cost and keep 100% of the profits from every sale. In addition, artists can use the Reverb Store to order larger quantities of their CDs and merchandise at highly discounted wholesale prices for sale at shows.

“The Reverb Store was designed with one thing in mind: to create a streamlined tool for the artist that would require no financial investment but would afford the musician, band, or label a way to monetize their products through leveraging current technologies,” said Brandon Hance, founder and CEO of Audiolife.

Many bands have taken advantage of the Reverb Store to create multiple versions of t-shirts, analyze fans’ merchandise preferences and order in bulk for tours. Some bands have also used the direct-to-fan eCommerce model to integrate fundraising into their music.

“We recently used the Reverb Store to quickly sell our charity song, ‘We Are Samoa,’ and related merchandise to benefit the Samoa Tsunami relief effort,” said artist, Samoa ONSTSU. “The Reverb Store is an invaluable tool for the independent artist.”

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reverb_administratorReverbNation teams up with Audiolife to launch the Reverb Store

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  • Twitted by ToddyRigg - February 23, 2010 reply

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  • chuck berry tribute - February 25, 2010 reply

    I want to post a larger picture or banner at the open of my page. I like the Idea of the store

  • Les LaMotte - February 25, 2010 reply

    Well Done!!!!! Bravo… nice programing and training.

  • Lindsay - February 25, 2010 reply

    When I am ready to launch this I will sure ultilize it! Thanks for the info, I am new but already am impressed.

  • butterflyvampires - February 25, 2010 reply

    there’ s one thing i didn’t get: how do you get paid after it’s sold? and how do you create the payment settings?

    thank you

  • Alvarroco - February 25, 2010 reply

    thank you!!!

  • Maricica - February 25, 2010 reply


  • bubble - February 25, 2010 reply

    good going…with the store…still having problems with the album upload

  • Andre DreReign Mckinson - February 26, 2010 reply

    Thanx for the info on the RN store availability, much respect. I will definately utililize the feature…………Jah Bless

  • Onica Kuhlmann - February 26, 2010 reply

    It sounds like a good Idea..

  • Maureen Washington - February 26, 2010 reply

    Every day I sign in and say I LOVE REVERBNATION!!
    Here is one more reason!!

  • Brian Franke - February 26, 2010 reply

    I had signed up for the RN Store to have future merch on there, then heard about Audiolife the other day. This is too perfect and I’ll be taking advantage of this once I have some cool merch to sell!

    Brian Franke
    @bfrankemusic (Twitter)

  • Heather - February 26, 2010 reply

    Cool Video Jason! Very helpful. I’m gonna go check out ThoughtSpeak right now.

    Peace and Love,
    Heather Rose

  • Alejandro - February 26, 2010 reply

    Great idea… Thanks guys!

  • Alyshen - February 26, 2010 reply


  • Colin O'Hare - February 26, 2010 reply

    We currently have a CD uploaded through reverbnations digital distribution service and we have physical copies for sale through our own website. What are the possibilities of selling this in the store and if so how do we do so? A video showing how to sell CD’s would be informative. More info please. Thank you.

  • Roland Lucas - February 26, 2010 reply

    I love the way you can create mechandise at no initial cost. Great Idea.

  • Ernest Brown - February 26, 2010 reply

    We are excited that we can now sell singles and ringtones from the Reverb Store. Future plans are to have merchandise to sell from the store. Special thanks to Jason for all his help in our getting set up.

  • Rita - February 26, 2010 reply

    We thank Reverbnation for giving us the opportunity to use their site to promote our musik,DUO BELITONG,

  • MC.KD - February 26, 2010 reply

    nice i just smileing & Happy

    thanx man


  • MC DRASTYCK MEAXUREZ - February 26, 2010 reply




  • RapTVLive - February 26, 2010 reply

    Thanks from all of us here at Play The Game Ent

  • Dj Roy Sealer(XS-Beatz Tv/Radio ) - February 27, 2010 reply

    wow….thatz a really cool stuff!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sanduck villas - February 27, 2010 reply

    EFJ EDITION/MUSIC PUBLISHING GLOBAL/present in 238 nations of world with álbums of artist SANDUCK direct for your programmations.
    song: you are my hope/sanduck villas
    álbum:corazón amado/sanduck villas

  • kyle b - February 27, 2010 reply

    YESSSSS!!!!!! i was just recently introduced to and you guys just made this a million times more convenient.. thank you! gracias! merci!!!!!!!!

  • lisa - February 28, 2010 reply

    This sounds awesome! It’s a great way to help musicians make some money; and it’s a convenient way for fans to get merchandise that might otherwise be hard to find! Great Job Lou!

  • KeyaKyea - February 28, 2010 reply

    Great ! You are really doing a super job to help artists … I’ll come to it very soon…

  • Gonken - March 1, 2010 reply

    Anybody else having trouble uploading their album artwork? It just keeps processing and never finishes and I’ve waited a looong time. Audio uploaded just fine.

  • Trissy - March 1, 2010 reply

    This is great but I have a stock of t-shirts already printed in my home. Is there any way to add these to my store?

  • mr. stinky pants - March 2, 2010 reply

    hey hey, i find it hard to believe you can design and sell t-shirts just like that, because don’t you have to buy the manufacturing stuff to make the shirts? just doesn’t add up to a profitable concept…

  • Jed - March 2, 2010 reply

    @Mr. Stinky Pants,
    We work with partners that have digital printing presses- i.e. they are setup to print one-off t-shirts.

  • jawaika - March 3, 2010 reply


  • Quan - March 3, 2010 reply

    Thank reverbnation for this. we will sure utilise it.

  • Kevin - March 3, 2010 reply

    Reverbnation did a great job with this. Thanks

  • Zed Stevens - March 3, 2010 reply

    How do you get paid? there a payment setting..i have a pay pal account..will i get paid that way?

  • piko - March 4, 2010 reply

    good idea

  • Dialashop - March 4, 2010 reply

    Its great Reverbnation is helping out musicians. Musos can spend alot of time marketing themselves. Yes its hard enough for people to find you and its great there is help. I like the idea of being able to sell your own merchandise.

  • Weslochan Recordings - April 18, 2010 reply

    I use it and it’s a good concept!!!!

  • Kent Aten - May 2, 2010 reply

    i set up my store and synced it with my paypal account… i made a self purchase and did not recieve nor get notification of the payment!! …where did my money go?

  • peter - May 12, 2010 reply

    thanks, workin!!

  • carmo - June 14, 2010 reply

    I’d like to sell my music
    how to?

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