Success Story : Marina V

Marina V, a Pop artist residing in Los Angeles has been a longtime user of ReverbNation. When it came time to start planning the recording of a new album, Marina desperately wanted to do it the right way. The right way for her meant on her terms, and with the producer she wanted. Unfortunately, at the time she didn’t have the funds to make this happen, so Marina chose an non-traditional path. She decided to raise funds for her new album from the people who would appreciate the album most, her fans.

KevinSuccess Story : Marina V
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Music Promotion in 2 Clicks: Virally Spread Your Music via Email, IM, Twitter, or Facebook

TunePaks are one of the most underrated and valuable tools offered to you here at ReverbNation. For those of you not familiar, TunePaks are URL links that are easily generated from your profile. You can paste these links anywhere you can paste text (email, IM, Twitter, etc). Whoever clicks this link gets a pop up player preloaded with the songs that you chose to include in your TunePak. You can learn more on TunePaks here.

There are many ways to integrate TunePaks into your everyday life that can help gain new listeners (potential fans) of your music, and expose your sound to a larger audience. Try some of these helpful tips we have compiled below the jump:

KevinMusic Promotion in 2 Clicks: Virally Spread Your Music via Email, IM, Twitter, or Facebook
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And that excites me…

I was lucky enough to attend the NARM Convention last week. While I was thrilled to hear so many artists, labels and managers giving ReverbNation props for helping to advance their music careers or their artist’s careers, what excited me most was who I saw when I went to the Universal Music Group party.

As soon as I arrived, I saw this big poster board with a face I recognized. Kyler England from The Rescues.

Now signed to Universal/Republic, The Rescues were performing at the Convention in front of music industry insiders and big wigs. This was a great place for them to showcase their talent. I personally met Kyler two years ago at a Conference in Nashville, and it was awesome to see the growth of their career since then. The Rescues, and Kyler herself for her solo venture, have been using ReverbNation’s marketing tools ever since. Did our platform help with their career?

reverb_administratorAnd that excites me…
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Gig Finder: The largest free, searchable venue database

Trying to plan a tour?

Looking for all the music venues in a specific area?

Need recommendations of venues that fit your type of music and the capacity that fits you best?

Try Gig Finder right now for free! It’s one of the largest free venue databases in the world, and can even recommend venues that fit you based on where you’ve played in the past, where comparable Artists like you play when they tour, and venues that book your type of music.

GigFinder is easily accessible to every artist on ReverbNation.   Just login to ReverbNation and click on the “Shows” tab in your Control Room, and then hit the “Gig Finder” link:

To get a list of recommended venues that fit you best, open the “Get Recommendations” tab and enter the location for which you want venue recommendations. It also offers advanced options, such as finding a venue in a different town that is similar to one you already play in your town, or finding a venue that has hosted a specific band similar to yours.

When you press the “Recommend” button, you’ll get an exhaustive list of all of the venues in the area you specified that match your criteria, sorted by how well they fit you.  Of course, if you have never entered any shows into the system, it will be more difficult for Gig Finder to find the best matches.  But, you can still search for venues similar to the ones you would play in your home town or that have hosted specific Artists.

From there, you can choose multiple venues with the checkboxes, and click “Send Press Kit To Selected Venues” and get one form which you can use to e-mail all of your chosen venues.  When you send the ReverbNation Press Kit (RPK) to those venues, we track which venues open and play the music in your press kit for you.

With Gig Finder, planning a tour and sending out booking inquiries has never been easier. Gig Finder saves you time and money.  Why pay for a venue database when you can use our free Gig Finder service to help you find the right venues for you?

Let us know about the shows you’ve booked using GigFinder in the comments!

KevinGig Finder: The largest free, searchable venue database
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Bands Helping Bands — Your Best Touring Advice

After much anticipation and competition, we’ve finally gotten our Bands Helping Bands finalists. There were a lot of great submissions, with a lot of great advice! We’ve placed some of our favorites below. Watch the videos and let us know your favorite one in the comments. The best one will get a Featured Artist spot on the ReverbNation homepage!

Zenith Da Goddess’ Tip — Keep Your Voice Healthy

Visit Zenith Da Goddess’ ReverbNation page

1000 Generations’ Tip — Offer Comment Cards At Gigs For Feedback

Visit 1000 Generations’ ReverbNation page

Jillian Riscoe’s Tip — Explore Unconventional Venues

Visit Jillian Riscoe’s ReverbNation page

Mike Borgia’s Tip — Show A Venue What Your Worth Is

Visit Mike Borgia’s ReverbNation page

Some Tips From A Venue Owner

Visit The Local 506’s ReverbNation page

reverb_administratorBands Helping Bands — Your Best Touring Advice
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Guest Post: Do You Need A Record Label?

About The Author: Ben Jacklin is one of the founding members of Method Promotion, offering articles on ways to self-promote online, as well as the Method team’s services in representing artists in the world of music promotion. Achievements to date include getting artists’ music played in Ministry of Sound clubs, on BBC radio, and videos played on MTV channels.

Qualified in Music Technology, Ben also keeps his finger on the pulse of the music business, and his passion for music means that he is equally happy striving to promote artists with ten fans or ten million.

Do I Need A Record Label?

You don’t need me to tell you that the internet has changed the way the Music Industry, and the way us music types think about our business. One of the things thrown into disrepute is the way music is released. We can now reach almost anyone via the internet, and we can network and promote online before releasing in virtual formats online.

Of course this is a major contrast to the industry from, say, fifteen years ago, which has led to changes in the role of the record label. Does your average artist even need a record deal nowadays? And should it still be something to aspire to?

Something that our generation’s new found wealth of technology has undoubtedly changed is the equipment available to us. Music can now be made to a professional standard from the comfort of our smelly bedrooms, and the role of a full-blown studio is becoming less important all the time. Where does this come into recording contracts?

There was a time when you’d need studios, and you’d need money to pay for them, and the only way to get this money was to find a Label to take a punt on your tunes. Nowadays, a reasonably priced microphone and a computer can be the mainstay of your studio, and used correctly, can record music to a standard acceptable in the industry. Labels no longer even have to be involved in the creative process of making and recording your music.

The aforementioned isn’t the only change concerning existing labels. I wont go into excruciating detail, but it’s generally agreed that major labels are on their proverbial last legs. On the one hand, they aren’t putting money into discovering new talent, and on the other hand, smaller establishments are cropping up all over the place.

Small Labels and self-releasing artists are becoming the norm, and more and more resources are becoming available to aid musicians from a grassroots level. Help is available with regards to everything from licensing to releasing music, and available to absolutely everybody. The power is shifting from the big labels to the average Joes.

However, is it power you’re looking for? There are many reasons that labels are even still around and providing a great service. If releasing your own music was easy, everybody would be doing it. If you decide that self-releasing is the path you wish to take, it’s important that you realize that you wont be bypassing having a record label, you will BE your record label.

We’ll cover the more glamorous aspects of this shortly, but one must first consider the administrative aspects of releasing music, from licensing to royalty collection to sales figures and beyond. If you can be bothered to do your research and do all of this yourself, then great, but in my experience, creative types are happy to stick to what they do best and take a back seat when it comes to pencil-pushing.

The time and focus needed to release music goes far beyond crossing ‘T’s and dotting ‘I’s, though — a label needs contacts, and a reputation. By releasing on a label you hand this responsibility to them. Any label worth their salt will have built links to the media, and will be working hard to build alliances at all times. If you don’t work with a label you’re going to need to do all of this yourself, and a reputation is not an easy thing to attain.

My view on self-releasing is — how shall I put this? — realistic. So should yours be too. Don’t expect any favors, and be ready for hard work, but hard work is inevitable in making a name for yourself, and if running a label is your chosen method of working hard then the best of luck to you.

A bit of realism isn’t meant as a deterrent; the fact that we even have the option of doing this kind of thing is completely liberating, and I predict that the industry will start to thrive once again as more and more small establishments crop up. Some people are going to have to rise to the challenge.

We don’t have to be afraid of the industry anymore, and if you’re ready to put the hours in, and you’re confident in your ability, then why not? Do your research, rope in all the help you can, and get releasing!

reverb_administratorGuest Post: Do You Need A Record Label?
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