Submit For FREE to Play at CMJ on The ReverbNation/Ernie Ball Showcase (includes $500 travel stipend)

You heard it right.  Its not too late to get on the stage at CMJ 2010.  ReverbNation and Ernie Ball have teamed up to sponsor an official CMJ showcase on Thursday, Oct 21st at Crash Mansion in New York City.  Submissions are open until August 22nd for all Artists with a Reverb Press Kit, and there is no submission fee (yup, its a FREE submission).  Seven worthy Artists/Bands will play and receive $500 in cash as a travel stipend, courtesy of ReverbNation and Ernie Ball.

Learn more and submit here!

We’re celebrating our 750,000th Artist registered to ReverbNation, and this showcase is one small way we can give back and say ‘thank you’ to our Artist community.

“ReverbNation and Ernie Ball share a common belief that real exposure opportunities like CMJ Music Marathon can be critical to the success of Artists trying to break through,” said Lou Plaia, co-founder and vice president of industry relations for ReverbNation.  “ReverbNation has been fortunate to recently register the 750,000th Artist on our platform, and this event is a way that we can say ‘thank you’ to the Artist community we serve.”

“We’re very excited to partner with ReverbNation in offering bands the incredible opportunity to showcase at CMJ!” said Brian Ball with Ernie Ball.  “We’re looking forward to a fantastic week of showcasing many of today’s best up and coming bands.”

So, what are you waiting for?  Submit for consideration now!

KevinSubmit For FREE to Play at CMJ on The ReverbNation/Ernie Ball Showcase (includes $500 travel stipend)
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Success Stories : Color Theory (Brian Hazard)

Brian Hazard of Color Theory has been an extremely active member of the ReverbNation community for years. Though he started using ReverbNation mainly because of the FanReach email product, Hazard has taken advantage of many of the tools and opportunities the site offers. A few of these opportunities, such as the Windows Sponsored Songs and Playlist7 campaigns, were so successful for Hazard that he was invited as a special guest on behalf of Windows to the Ultra Music Festival and Winter Music Conference in Miami last year. We recently got the chance to catch up with Brian and wanted to share our conversation.

ReverbNation: How long have you been making music? How did you get into it?

Brian Hazard: I told my parents I wanted to learn the piano in 7th grade. My best friend played and I thought it was cool. So I had a bit of a late start, but I took lessons, played in my high school drumline, and messed around with a Korg M1 synth and a cassette 4-track. I didn’t get too serious until college, where I essentially trained to be a concert pianist, though I never had any desire to be one. I graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor’s in Music and started writing songs for the first Color Theory album.

RN: What is your definition of success in music? Have you ever reached that point where you were like, “I have to do so much business this year, or I’m out?”

BH: I define success as the gradual achievement of any worthy goal. By that yardstick, I’m already there, and so are a lot of my musician friends. My specific goal right now is to grow my mailing list. I have no desire to be rich or famous, or to “get signed.” In fact, I’m happy where I am right now. My music is better than it’s ever been and my audience continues to grow. I feel like I’ve got the best fans in the world, and their feedback and support keeps me motivated and pushes me to new heights. I’ve got quality equipment and I’ve developed my technical skills to to the point where I can do everything myself, except the graphic design. No complaints.

KevinSuccess Stories : Color Theory (Brian Hazard)
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My Band, the #1 Facebook App for Bands, Gets Better!

It isn’t easy to create a great looking Band Profile on Facebook, but it is important.  With over 30% of the entire internet population logging into Facebook everyday, Artists can’t afford to have anything less than a great page.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our free ‘My Band’ Facebook app with a sleek new layout and even more powerful promotional features (most of which were suggestions from the 2.3 million+ My Band users). Simply put, the My Band app has been optimized to get more fans listening to your music, joining your mailing list, and going to your shows. Make sure to check out the video tour at the end of the blog post.

Don’t have the My Band app? Add it to your Facebook profile or band page now.

Already using My Band? Make sure you add your new custom banner.

Check out the new layout and features below!

KevinMy Band, the #1 Facebook App for Bands, Gets Better!
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