My Band, the #1 Facebook App for Bands, Gets Better!

by Neal on July 13, 2010 · Comments

It isn’t easy to create a great looking Band Profile on Facebook, but it is important.  With over 30% of the entire internet population logging into Facebook everyday, Artists can’t afford to have anything less than a great page.

That’s why we’ve redesigned our free ‘My Band’ Facebook app with a sleek new layout and even more powerful promotional features (most of which were suggestions from the 2.3 million+ My Band users). Simply put, the My Band app has been optimized to get more fans listening to your music, joining your mailing list, and going to your shows. Make sure to check out the video tour at the end of the blog post.

Don’t have the My Band app? Add it to your Facebook profile or band page now.

Already using My Band? Make sure you add your new custom banner.

Check out the new layout and features below!

Setting up your ‘My Band’ tab on your personal page or fan page is free and easy.  My Band is integrated with your existing ReverbNation account, making setup as simple as providing your Reverb login.  You don’t have to re-enter your data or re-upload your content to yet another website – it will show up automatically.   And My Band will continue to sync with your Reverb account automatically, so no further maintenance is required.

The new layout includes a large custom banner at the top of the page so you can be more creative with the look, and tailor it to your band’s image. The banner is also linkable so you can use it to promote your band, like an upcoming tour or a new album release.  Just like the entire My Band app, our custom banner comes free of charge, and you can change it anytime you want based on what you are promoting.

Fans are encouraged to join your mailing list and to share your content, each with just one click.

The enhanced music player lets fans listen to all the songs in your ReverbNation profile.  Fans can also view your lyrics, share specific songs on Facebook, or embed your music widgets onto other social sites or blogs.  One of the most powerful features of My Band is the ability to allow fans to download a song in exchange for joining your mailing list.  We call that a ‘fan-exclusive’ song, and Artists who use this feature grow their mailing lists up to 600% faster.  Next to the music player, your Reverb Store is directly integrated with the My Band app, allowing you to sell directly to fans who can buy and checkout without ever leaving Facebook. Don’t have an official store yet?  Make sure you sign up for the free Reverb Store!

The layout also includes enhanced photo and video galleries with larger images and seamless navigation, making the My Band page more interactive than before. Fans can now access video content of music videos, live performances, and more.

My Band also helps you promote your shows with a comprehensive tour map, show details, ticket links, and sharing function.  With My Band, Artists can recommend other Artists for their fans to check out.  Finally, My Band displays your aggregate friend/fan count total by adding together your facebook fans, MySpace friends, Reverb fans, and your mailing list.

“We are extremely excited about the new redesign to an application we were already so proud of,” says Ferol Vernon, Director of Product Development at ReverbNation. “Facebook is an important site for music promotion and we want our artists to be equipped with the best tools possible. These new features will help our artists be more efficient and successful with their promotional efforts.”

Learn more about the new My Band from the video below:

My Band from ReverbNationBlog on Vimeo.

Don’t have the My Band app? Add it to your Facebook profile or band page now.

Already using My Band? Make sure you add your new custom banner.


  1. t says:


    Anyone know who is at Waterfest this year?


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  3. RP says:

    I have 2 bands on Reverbnation. Why can’t i add 2 My Band tabs on Facebook?

  4. [...] out the full MyBand App feature details on ReverbNation’s blog.  Or, skim the summary below, which I’m pasting from [...]

  5. Amanda says:

    This is really cool, you should do something like this but for portfolios so artists can put their work on a tab.

  6. We were just wondering HOW to find a valid substitute for myspace now that Facebook is the only thing around, and given the absolute inability of Facebook to open to serious music apps (I mean, Reverbnation IS serious, and in fact Facebook just cut away your player from our band’s page). I hope this will work (and will last), and I wish you the enormous success you deserve, we always believed in you and you definitely ‘got it’.
    Long Hair In Three Stages

  7. DIMYSTRO says:

    I am just loving reverbnation!! Has almost everything I need :) More than the other services I’ve used. Keep it up.

  8. Man this App is Crazy Hot!!! We are getting more exposure than ever Thanks ReverbNation keep putting us up on game!!

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    Check out my music at ( and ( Thanks for your time & attention. It means so much to me

  10. Tori Sparks says:

    Lou and RN are always doing great things for artists. Hola from Spain!

  11. Dulce Neus says:

    That is going to happen with the Tab of “My Band” now that “Facebook” has decided to change the aspect of the pages, and alone does it leave a width of 520 pixels?

  12. Flint says:

    I love this new app it’s getting me alot of exposer.

  13. AUDIOMIND says:

    Link is not redirecting correctly. Please advise.

  14. Metafortae says:

    Sweet! I’m Updating My Band Page Right Now!

  15. Add Grup Astronia Band please

  16. After a lot of comparison between ReverbNation, Nimbit, Music Online Alive and The Bizmo. I have to say, ReverbNation thoroughly rocks in relation to price vs. features. I’m very impressed with all the promo tools available and the integrated website manager. I’m very used to designing my own, custom websites and wordpress blogs. I can safely say, ReverbNation has allowed me to completely streamline my efforts and save TONS of time!! Man does that make me happy! Now I can focus that lost time on music and save money!

  17. Charli Hunt says:


    This is a great App with fantastic tools. Kudos to Reverbnation for bringing such a comprehensive and nicely optimized digital experience for ‘creatives’ everywhere!



  18. B says:

    is there anyway you can put two band profiles on one facebook page?
    I’m in two bands, and would like to have both profiles appear on my Facebook page.

  19. GregMitchell says:

    I can’t get the My Band app link to work properly. Clicking on the link just takes me to my facebook live feed page. I’ve done a search on facebook and still can’t find it.

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  21. Sergio David says:

    hi, i’m having troubles with this app, first: although i am the administrator of the site, it doesn’t dislpay the SERGIO DAVID option to set the RN app into my fan-site in FB. So, i configured it from the RN website, but i think that’s not the way it must work… and second: I can’t find the way to set the custom banner at the top of the facebook site now. when i press “add custom banner” it takes me to the account settings page… i’ve been trying this all day… Please could you help me? thanks..!

  22. Dave says:

    Did this upgrade make it to where someone who has already signed up on the email list and likes our page be able to stream songs without “logging in” everytime? I know quite a few of our fans have complained about this so I had to disable the “Fan Exclusive” function on my songs. I can see their point, once they have committed to being a Fan and gave up their email they should be entitled to play the music on our player hassle free and be an encouragement to share with their friends. Once the hard parts done it should be “done” Thanks for your time, hope I made my point clearly and that this change does that for the Fans

  23. Hallo. As a true believer in Reverbnation, I have been trying to get Facebook users to have a listen to us using the MyBand App. A lot of them complained they had to “Like” us before they could have a listen.
    Point 1: A lot of them don’t bother to listen.
    Point 2: This is not helping to get them to join Reverbnation which is what I want them to do.
    Therefore the main question – Are one of our settings wrong or can I do something about this.
    A quick answer would be appreciated.
    Keith Bailey
    Management Connemara Stone Company

  24. Neal says:

    @Connemara Stone Company

    Thanks for the comment. Replied to the email you left as well, but will add the reply here too! The requirement to “like” before listen is one you set in the app. It’s in the Fan Boosters section of appearances. You are free to take that off at any time!

    We have a support site here as well:, that may help you out in the future, so give it a bookmark!

  25. [...] My Band, the #1 Facebook App for Bands, Gets Better!Jul 13, 2010 … Make sure to check out the video tour at the end of the blog post. Don’t have the My Band app? Add it to your Facebook profile or band page … [...]

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