Rock band High Tolerance scores music licensing deal with the PGA Tour Productions via ReverbNation’s new song-licensing program

The song “Heroes” by the band High Tolerance has been selected by PGA Tour Entertainment to play during the opening teaser highlight sequence of The Golf Channel’s Inside the PGA Tour every Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST for the next 6 weeks (view full schedule). “Inside the PGA Tour” reaches a wide national audience, and will bring High Tolerance added exposure as well as music licensing royalties.

Matching the right music to the right opportunity

It only takes one listen of the song “Heroes” to understand why it was chosen as the backdrop to a sports highlight reel.  It evokes emotions that complement the fist-pumping and triumph of golf tournament highlights.

PGA Tour Feature Producer Mark Kubiak said, “When I heard the song, I knew it was going to be perfect for the intro to ‘Inside the PGA Tour’.”

High Tolerance was one of a handful of artists invited to participate in ReverbNation’s soon to be announced Premium Song Licensing program, developed in conjunction with APM Music (a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Group). As the largest licensor of music in North America, APM secured the High Tolerance placement after introducing the song “Heroes” to the producers at the PGA Tour.

“We thought it was such a refreshing way to be heard by a large audience,” said High Tolerance vocalist Chris Sampogna, when asked about the reasons his band elected to participate in the licensing program. “In this business, with all the talent and competitiveness, you have to make the best of every opportunity that comes your way.”

More on Licensing Opportunities from ReverbNation and APM

This initial success story is just the first of many licensing opportunities coming down the road from ReverbNation. In the coming months, ReverbNation and APM expect to expand the offering to additional ReverbNation artists. More details on the partnership between APM and ReverbNation will be released later this year.

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KevinRock band High Tolerance scores music licensing deal with the PGA Tour Productions via ReverbNation’s new song-licensing program


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  • Nick - August 27, 2010 reply

    Congrats boys!

  • Jojo Taylor - August 27, 2010 reply

    Dear Staff,
    I would would be very thankful if I got a Shot to be on your Show !

    Jojo Taylor

  • Fash Stewart - August 29, 2010 reply

    That is fantastic! Heroes is a cracker!

    Love it!

  • Todd - August 30, 2010 reply

    Congrats! Great news!

  • Chris Musto - September 1, 2010 reply

    Awesome job all around, great write-up by RN and a fantastic song choice by ‘Inside the PGA Tour.’

    Congratulations, High Tolerance, you’re getting some well deserved exposure for some solid music.

  • DJ Toulouse - September 3, 2010 reply

    Good news !

  • KingKyzerSosa - September 7, 2010 reply

    Check out
    my playlist, you’ll like at least one if not all this Kyzer music

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  • Dude - September 16, 2010 reply

    Good job guys! There’s a band outta New London Connecticut that is getting some press and radio airplay. How does someone get connected these guys connected to a commercial or movie soundtrack? They’re called Straight to VHS and a couple cool songs off their new EP are called “Hey!” and “It’s Fun” (check out the video). Let me know what you think and if they have a shot.

  • Jackslacks - September 18, 2010 reply

    Way to go Danny and guys!

  • Jason Donnelly - September 20, 2010 reply

    Congrats guys that is awesome!

  • Thomas Morris - September 20, 2010 reply

    Please let us know if you recomend other bands signing a publishing deal or retain the rights them selves!

  • KIADA AKA: YOUNG YADA - September 21, 2010 reply


  • Bianka - September 23, 2010 reply

    This is so awsome, it gives me hope that my songs actually have an opportunity to make it big someday..CONGRATS guys!!! 🙂 and i also love your song Don’t Leave.

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  • Alan Thornton - October 3, 2010 reply

    Congrats, My Band “Say Swear” Just registered and completed our upload forms for this as well…..Awesome. great Job Guys and Good Luck

  • Steve Kaplan - October 6, 2010 reply

    Job well done!

  • Spacemann JT - October 11, 2010 reply

    Congrats!! on licensing deal keep rocking good music guys
    Checkout my music when u get the time

  • Bonnie McGill - February 21, 2011 reply

    How do I submit my songs

  • Neal - February 21, 2011 reply


    The program is currently invite only at this time, but we hope more invites will go out within the next few months so stay tuned and make sure your ReverbNation account stays active!

  • Cheryl Nye - February 21, 2011 reply

    Congratulations on your success! I wish you all the very best in continued happiness and success always!!
    Amazing song!!

  • JOHNNY BONKERS - February 21, 2011 reply

    A perfect hole in One lads,congratulations on your golfing musical triumph, Peace, Love, Sound and Vision, Johnny

  • GHOST DOG - February 22, 2011 reply

    Hi…I got an invite…does that mean someone wants to use one of my tunes? Where do I find out more about the whole process?
    Thanks 😉

  • Neal - February 22, 2011 reply

    @Ghost Dog

    If you received an invite, you should have a link in there to access details, program summary, FAQ, etc.

  • dj Sean G - March 3, 2011 reply

    Big Up High Tolerance!
    Big Up Reverb!

    This is really great news to hear!

  • Kevin Conrad - March 23, 2011 reply

    What does it cost me to have my songs licensed and what benefits are there for me licensing my songs? And how do I know which song are of interest?


    Kevin Conrad
    Jenovah heights

    Neal - March 23, 2011 reply

    @Kevin Conrad

    Thanks for the interest! Currently the program is invite only. If invited, you submit only certain songs of your choosing for review and potential acceptance. The submission area includes a program summary, FAQ, and sample agreement for review which will cover all bases. If you have not been invited, don’t worry as we hope to continue more with the program and send out more invites in the future!

  • Cynthjia Leigh-Ann - March 24, 2011 reply

    I totally want to get my songs into this, I would be so honoured to have any of my songs considered. I am so pleased you have invited me to submit. Thank you so much and thankyou for all the support you are and continue to give to we the artists. Cheers Cynthia Leigh-Ann

  • Tanadra Roads - March 29, 2011 reply

    A Huge congratulations to the band High Tolerance. First the title “Heros” has such a vast beauty that can relate to sports, police officers, fire fighters, and so on. The music and lyric are brilliant. So how exactly did they come about getting their music scouted by PGA Producer Mark Kubiak? Do they have management? Was it just by chance? Is Reverbnation sponsoring this band? These are definitely questions that would help many “Indie” Artist better focus on how to get noticed for future licensing opportunities as well as understand what it takes outside of just brilliant music to get noticed.

  • Lana R. - May 27, 2011 reply

    Is it a light at the end of the tunnel? This industry is such a puzzle! Any piece of the information that can bring even small solution is greatly welcomed. Thank you!

  • Humongous - June 28, 2011 reply

    Thanks for the invite guys, we will be submitting our music today. Good looking out!

  • chekkmate - July 14, 2011 reply

    very nice look! The sky is the limit for you dudes. HOLLA CHEKKMATE!

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