ReverbNation Partners with APM Music to Bring Exclusive TV, Movie, and Video Game Licensing Opportunity to Independent Bands

(NEW YORK – September 29th, 2010) ReverbNation, the leading Marketing and Promotion Platform for over 850,000 Musicians, Labels, Managers and Venues, and APM Music, a joint venture of EMI Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing and the largest production library and music services company in North America, have partnered to launch an exclusive “ReverbNation Music” library that APM Music will license into TV, Movies, Trailers, Video Games and other types of productions.

Tens of thousands of qualified ReverbNation artists have already received invitations to audition their songs which were qualified through ReverbNation’s initial review process. Following submission, every track was reviewed by APM music directors for quality and client suitability.

Invitations to participate in the program are sent out on an ongoing basis to “qualified” artists who have profiles on ReverbNation. “Qualified” artists are those for whom ReverbNation has statistical data about their fan base, song plays, and more, that indicate a fit with APM’s clients.  ReverbNation collects this data for artists who use ReverbNation’s comprehensive toolset to manage their social media and marketing presence across the web.

“We are committed to bringing the best opportunities to indie artists, including opportunities to play gigs as well as to license their music. The partnership to curate a unique library with APM Music is a great opportunity for ReverbNation artists whose music fits the needs of APM’s clients – fresh, authentic, relevant indie music,” said Michael Doernberg, CEO of “Artists whose songs are accepted and placed will generate unique exposure to new fans with the potential to generate ongoing revenue from their works.”

With over 25 years leading the industry, APM Music has built relationships with an exhaustive list of clients including CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, ESPN, MLB, PGA, Universal, Discovery, Current TV, MTV, BBDO, Electronic Arts, Oprah Winfrey and thousands of others; and has recently placed music into “Avatar”, “The Backup Plan”, “Date Night”, “Prince of Persia”, “Glee”, “Gossip Girl”, “Mad Men”, “30 Rock” , “Big Bang Theory”,  “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” ,“Assassin’s Creed 2”, and “Monsters vs. Aliens” video game among many others.

“The appetite for indie music has never been greater,” stated Adam Taylor, APM Music president. “There has been a strong demand for APM to provide an original indie music library that offers exclusive, high quality music direct from independent artists combined with the freedom from copyright issues traditionally delivered through APM’s indemnification guarantees. With this partnership, APM will satisfy this need and at the same time deliver real benefit to ReverbNation artists.”

The ReverbNation Music library launched on APM’s online music search engine at the beginning of September, and has already secured licensing deals for ReverbNation artists with Kmart, Chicos, the Boston Red Sox, the PGA (check out the PGA placement) and others.

Visit the APM licensing opportunity at to learn more.

KevinReverbNation Partners with APM Music to Bring Exclusive TV, Movie, and Video Game Licensing Opportunity to Independent Bands
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The “My Band” Facebook Application Tab is Changing to say “Band Profile”

Many artists spoke out, and we listened.

We are making a small change to the My Band application on Facebook to make it more usable on “fan pages.” Specifically, the name of the tab that is created by the application will be changing from displaying “My Band” to “Band Profile.”

While “My Band” worked well on artist’s personal profile pages, it just didn’t make sense to have a tab called “My Band” on Facebook fan pages (sometimes called band pages). We hope that this new tab name will be the best for artists who use it on their personal profile pages as well as their fan pages.

As a user, you don’t need to do anything to have the change take effect, it will happen automatically on your pages.

If you haven’t added My Band to your band page, you can do it here now!

KevinThe “My Band” Facebook Application Tab is Changing to say “Band Profile”
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Success Stories: High Tolerance

This is a special success story, as a follow up from our post two weeks ago about High Tolerance getting licensed through ReverbNation’s premium song licensing program. The program, a ReverbNation partnership with APM (a joint venture of EMI and Universal Publishing), allows bands to submit songs for consideration to the APM library and to possibly to be placed in TV shows, video games, movies, and more. The song “Heroes,” by High Tolerance was eventually accepted and placed in the opening and closing credits of “Inside the PGA Tour.” We notified our blog readers when it happened, but have since caught up with High Tolerance to learn more about their music, the placement, and their use of ReverbNation.

KevinSuccess Stories: High Tolerance
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