Success Stories: High Tolerance

This is a special success story, as a follow up from our post two weeks ago about High Tolerance getting licensed through ReverbNation’s premium song licensing program. The program, a ReverbNation partnership with APM (a joint venture of EMI and Universal Publishing), allows bands to submit songs for consideration to the APM library and to possibly to be placed in TV shows, video games, movies, and more. The song “Heroes,” by High Tolerance was eventually accepted and placed in the opening and closing credits of “Inside the PGA Tour.” We notified our blog readers when it happened, but have since caught up with High Tolerance to learn more about their music, the placement, and their use of ReverbNation.

ReverbNation: Tell us a little bit about High Tolerance, how did you get started, etc..?

High Tolerance: The band started in January of 2008, two brothers, two cousins. Chris and Danny started playing guitar together and thought about forming a straight up rock n’ roll band.  Chris had a demo of a few songs that he wanted to play live and a younger brother who plays drums and loved the idea.  After a few auditions with bassists, Danny’s cousin Pat was the right guy for the job.  We were all really serious and committed to starting a band that was different than anything out there. After a month or two of rehearsals, we immediately started playing shows all over Long Island. We figured the best way to start was to jump right in and never look back, we still haven’t.

RN: How did you find out about ReverbNation?

HT: When every band is raving about how useful ReverbNation is, it’s only a matter of time before it finds you. The internet is so vital to getting our music out there. When we’re putting as much work into our music as we are marketing our band and ReverbNation comes out, we’re in! Now, bands seem to join RN before they even play out.

RN: Why did you want to be part of the licensing program?

HT: We thought it was such a refreshing way to be heard by a large audience. Having your song heard nationally is an opportunity no artist would turn down.  We figured if a song of ours was picked, our sound would be exposed to a listener who normally wouldn’t have a chance to hear it. Above all, it’s a great opportunity. In this business, with all the talent and competitiveness, you have to make the best of every opportunity that comes your way.

RN: What part of the Premium Song Licensing Program was most attractive to High Tolerance?

HT: People have a certain attraction and excitement to their choice of entertainment whether it’s video games, movies, TV shows, etc. Having our song as a soundtrack, puts it on a level where the listener is much more open and interested from the get go. On a larger scale, take Entourage’s theme song; Jane’s Addiction’s “Superhero” for example. Here’s a song that gets exposed to a large audience of people who normally wouldn’t listen to that band. A fan of Entourage hears it somewhere else and then automatically thinks of their favorite show and enjoys listening. It’s a very creative way of turning someone on to your music.

RN: What type of programming did you hope to be on when you applied to the program?

HT: Any selection is an amazing opportunity but our initial hope for licensing was actually to make our way to video games.  We can remember accidentally discovering some of our favorite bands while playing games like Madden and Need For Speed.

RN: Are you guy’s golf fans?

HT: Our drummer plays a little. All of our time has been dedicated to what we do musically to become the best we can be.  However, we appreciate anyone that strives to be the best.  Golf is no different. We totally respect the talent these guys have.

RN: Did you see your music as licensable before you got the opportunity from Reverb?

HT: We definitely knew that our music was capable of being used as more than tunes to blast on your way to work. First, if you want someone else to believe in your music and message, you gotta believe it yourself. Yes, we definitely knew that any one of these songs could make its way to a nationally syndicated show, we just needed a lucky break!

RN: Why do you think the reviewers at APM selected your song?

HT: “Heroes” is one of the simplest structured songs we’ve ever written. It’s just a driving riff with a catchy melody. It is a huge anthem that can just get stuck in your head over and over again. It peaks, dips, and keeps building up until that final chorus hits.  The message is very direct and easy to relate to as well.  But above all it’s about being your best and living up to and above everyone’s expectations; to live the way your suppose to.  What better way to represent the best competitors in this sport?

RN: Were you able to see the showing live? How did it make you feel?

HT: Yes, We memorized the times it was being aired to make sure we could catch it every time. Hearing a song that we wrote 6 months ago in a basement on a nationally televised show behind an awesome video was unreal! Being exposed to your largest audience to date, through television, was at first a very weird feeling, but in the best way.

RN: What did you think of how your music fit the backdrop of the show?

HT: The intro came out amazing! They packed the best parts of our song into a minute 30 seconds and did an amazing job matching the rhythms of the audio and video clips. The mood that the two created seemed to be heightened by each other; it was truly a perfect fit. 

RN: Have you seen a noticeable jump in plays, fans, or anything like that? What has the placement done for you so far?

HT: Our plays and widget hits have jumped as well as our position on the rock charts for New York.  We’ve been gaining a good amount of fans on reverb nation.  The fact that the song was picked up has allowed us to introduce “Heroes” as a nationally syndicated song at our show and is a great point added to our resume that hasn’t been overlooked.

RN: Other than licensing what do you like about Reverb?

HT: ReverbNation is an amazing utility for any band looking to get serious. First it was Myspace and Pure Volume, and then somehow Facebook got involved. After working each individual website as hard as possible and chasing the trend, ReverbNation came out and we were like, “Finally! A main hub for all of our websites!” Keeping up with technology nowadays is hard work, and with all the amazing bands out there, you’ve gotta stay on top of it. RN makes it that much easier. The EPK is great because it provides all of the information anyone would need to know about the band while looking amazing. The mailing list and email preparation system is absolutely incredible. It makes it so easy to design and send out a professional looking email, quickly, for all of your fans. Our motivation for building up our mailing list has risen even higher. At our shows, we used to ask our fans for their emails. Now we hunt them down and make them give us every last one they know!

RN: What can fans expect from High Tolerance in the future?

HT: More kick ass rock n roll, bigger shows, larger venues, radio play, fan interaction!

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KevinSuccess Stories: High Tolerance


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    Maybe someday, lot of bands will have such this opportunities, congrats for them!!!


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    Continue Success and Prosperity to Everyone…
    Reverbnation Is Awesome…Regards to All, Paul Berson

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    Great song guys!!!!! It’s the perfect background song for this video. Good luck with your success.

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    Yes! thank you, i have been searching for this song.

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