Reminder: Facebook Eliminating Application Tabs on Personal Profiles (but NOT on ‘fan pages’, so don’t panic)

Folks, on November 3rd facebook has said that they will no longer be allowing application tabs to appear on PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILES.  Thankfully, this DOES NOT AFFECT APPLICATION TABS ON ‘FAN PAGES’ (SOMETIMES CALLED ‘BAND PAGES).

So if you have any of our apps – MyBand (Band Profile), Music, Shows, or Store – added as a tab to your personal profile page, make sure to add it to your band page right away so that your fans can still access it after November 3rd.

Here are the links you can use to add any of our apps to your band page RIGHT NOW:

Add My Band to your band page

Add Music app to your band page

Add Shows app to your band page

Add Store app to your band page

If you don’t have a band page at Facebook yet, create one here for free.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please visit us at

Example:  My Band (Band Profile) app on the personal profile page of a member of the band.  This will be removed by facebook!

Example:  My Band (Band Profile) app on the fan page (aka ‘band page’).  These are all fine, so no worries.

KevinReminder: Facebook Eliminating Application Tabs on Personal Profiles (but NOT on ‘fan pages’, so don’t panic)
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Guest Post : A Music Project Is A Music Brand

About The Author: Ben Jacklin is one of the founding members of Method Promotion, offering articles on ways to self-promote online, as well as the Method team’s services in representing artists in the world of music promotion. Achievements to date include getting artists’ music played in Ministry of Sound clubs, on BBC radio, and videos played on MTV channels.

Qualified in Music Technology, Ben also keeps his finger on the pulse of the music business, and his passion for music means that he is equally happy striving to promote artists with ten fans or ten million.

A Music Project Is A Music Brand

To release music is to put yourself in the public eye. Whether you’re a band or solo artist, making Metal or Electronica music, the second something lands in somebody’s iTunes (and sometimes even before) with your name on it, a brand is created. Whether we like to admit it or not, image plays a big part in music, and getting the way you present yourself right is key.

It’s my guess that most musicians didn’t get into the business to worry about the way they’re portrayed, but because they love making music. However, we all want to make a success out of our own musical projects, and to do so we need to create a brand, continuity within both the audible and visual aspects of the industry, and even down to things such as attitudes and fashion.

If you’re a musician, it may very well be the case that considering yourself from a marketing perspective is somewhat cringeworthy. Creating a brand doesn’t have to be a soulless exercise. Some of the coolest bands and artists in history have, deliberately or not, become brands unto themselves.

I’m going to use Gorillaz as an example. It could be argued that Gorillaz are one big experiment with branding. In creating a cartoon band and personas for the members, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett were making some very clever observations about the level of manufacture in modern music. Key to the point I’m trying to make, the combination of a musical project with very clever visuals and artwork makes for a package that is accessable and fun, and stands out before the music even comes into consideration.  Gorillaz are an extreme example of a very clever way to get noticed.

The other choice of course is to ‘do an Aphex’. Aphex Twin, real name Richard D. James, is notorious for releasing music under new monikers via mysterious methods. He seems to reject the idea of having to create any sort of hype with anything other than the music he creates. Which is great! However, projecting an image is unavoidable. Aphex’s abstruse, unpredictable nature has become his brand, the very definition of underground. Ties in very nicely with his experimental and progressive style of composition, wouldn’t you agree?

The role of Record Labels is undeniably going through dramatic change at the moment. Their one constant, you could argue, is brand. Any time an artist has an affiliation with a Label, they are instantly latching onto their brand. The same goes for gig nights, blogs and fanzines. If you’re lucky enough, you may be able to sign to a label, play a gig, or get some articles written about you. In doing so, you’ll latch onto other brands, hopefully improving yours in the process.

So how does this all affect the aspiring musician? Well, I don’t think considering yourself in the leagues of the aforementioned artists if you’re just starting out is a wise move, but, it makes sense to bare in mind how you’re publicising yourself. A side effect of the digital age is that absolutely everything one creates can instantly be shared. It doesn’t take much effort to instill continuity and professionalism in your logos, artwork and any written material you send out. Get a photographer to take your promo shots (the camera on your phone is not going to make you look pro). Try and keep a similar tone in press releases and biographys, decide on a logo and stick with it, and make sure you get graphics designed well, even if it means a little expenditure, it’s worth it in the long haul. Whether you like it or not, you’re a brand. My advice? Embrace it!

KevinGuest Post : A Music Project Is A Music Brand
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ReverbNation Acquires Mobile ‘Band App’ Developer Sound Around

Update:  Bands can now get mobile apps from ReverbNation for as little as $99/year.

ReverbNation Acquires Mobile ‘Band App’ Developer Sound Around

(Durham, NC – October 19th, 2010) ReverbNation, the leading Marketing and Promotion Platform for over 900,000 Musicians, Labels, Managers and Venues, has acquired Sound Around, a North Carolina mobile application development company focused on creating custom mobile applications for Bands and Musicians.

The acquisition will enable ReverbNation to extend its comprehensive set of tools for Bands and Musicians to include the creation of mobile applications for its user base. Details of the transaction are not being released.

“Sound Around has built a great platform for Artists to easily create custom mobile applications for their fans,” said Jed Carlson, co-founder and chief operating officer of ReverbNation. “We are excited to bring their technology and expertise into our company and look forward to providing mobile apps to our users in the near future.”

“In starting Sound Around, Scott and I set out to bring compelling and affordable mobile solutions to DIY Artists. This acquisition represents a significant leap in our ability to positively affect the music industry by allowing Artists to both acquire new fans and engage existing fans on a deeper level,” said Steve Klein, CEO of Sound Around.  Added President of Sound Around, Scott Klein “We’re both very excited to be joining a fantastic team with an impressive appetite for building valuable industry tools.”

About ReverbNation:
ReverbNation is the leading online music marketing platform used by more than 900,000 Artists, Managers, Record Labels, and Venues to grow their reach, influence, and business across the internet.  ReverbNation provides free and affordable solutions to individual Artists and the music industry professionals that support them in the areas of web promotion, fan relationship management, digital distribution, social media marketing, direct-to-fan e-commerce, fan behavior measurement, sentiment tracking, Web site hosting, and concert booking and promotion.

ReverbNation’s innovation is in developing technologies that integrate the wide array of distribution, marketing, and promotional functions used by the music industry into one comprehensive and easy-to-use business application – helping virtually any artist grow their revenues, and providing insight into how each marketing input contributes to overall outcomes.  For more information, please visit and follow ReverbNation on Twitter:

ReverbNation Media Contact:
Jed Carlson

KevinReverbNation Acquires Mobile ‘Band App’ Developer Sound Around
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Facebook Discontinuing Tabs on Personal Profiles (don’t worry, Musician pages can still have them) and What it Means for My Band

Facebook is making changes to the way applications interact with personal profiles. As of Wednesday October 13, 2010, the ability to add an application such as My Band as a tab to your band members’ personal profiles has been removed. On November 3, all existing application tabs on personal profiles will be removed, and applications on Facebook will only be allowed to have tabs on band pages.

Don’t worry though; ReverbNation is working hard to make this a smooth transition. We highly suggest that you create a band page, and add My Band as a tab. This will ensure you continue to have the benefits of My Band and your fans will continue to see all of your updated information.

Create a band page on Facebook

Add My Band to your band page

In addition we are announcing an additional, heavily requested new feature to ReverbNation: the ability to update your band page’s status through ReverbNation. Now you will be able to update your Facebook Status on both your personal pages as well as your band page, in addition to Twitter and Myspace, all at once, from one place.

If you have any questions about any of these changes please visit us at

KevinFacebook Discontinuing Tabs on Personal Profiles (don’t worry, Musician pages can still have them) and What it Means for My Band
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Report: 2 out of 5 Hottest Facebook Band Pages Use ReverbNation’s ‘MyBand’ Application

According to Facebook tracking site, during the week of October 4th, 2 of the top 5 ‘Hottest’ Facebook fan pages (musician category only) are pages that employ the ReverbNation ‘Band Profile’ application MyBand.  The two HOT fan pages belong to BrokeNCYDE and Sean Kingston.

Check out brokeNCYDE’s Facebook page and click on the ‘Band Profile’  to see the app in action!

Or go to Sean Kingston’s Facebook page.

The MyBand application creates a powerful ‘Band Profile’ tab on your fan page that contains your songs, photos, videos, bio, show schedule, gathers fans onto your mailing list, and presents your merch and music for sale right on facebook. And its 100% FREE.  Artists can even add a custom banner with link to the top of the tab to promote a new release, a tour, or anything else.

“With the social media world changing so quickly; the only company that we were working with that anticipated and was ready for the great shift between Myspace and Facebook last year was ReverbNation with their MyBand application.  MyBand allowed us to instantly have a landing page to display music and other content without having to reinvent the wheel.  With the MyBand app as our default page we our capturing more fans the moment they see our page than ever before!” said Beth Chapin of Suburban Noize Records, representatives for brokeNCYDE.

Catina Acree, of Epic Records added, “ReverbNation is pretty much the most flawless, one-stop-shop tool there is available today.  The application’s integration with the impossibly difficult Facebook platform is about as painless as it gets, and the syndication and ease of use has me constantly recommending it to bands and musicians.”

Adding the MyBand app to YOUR fan page is simple, and takes about 1 minute.  You can get the app here.

Don’t have a facebook fanpage yet? Get one here and add the MyBand app to get the most out of Facebook now!

KevinReport: 2 out of 5 Hottest Facebook Band Pages Use ReverbNation’s ‘MyBand’ Application
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