Report: 2 out of 5 Hottest Facebook Band Pages Use ReverbNation’s ‘MyBand’ Application

According to Facebook tracking site, during the week of October 4th, 2 of the top 5 ‘Hottest’ Facebook fan pages (musician category only) are pages that employ the ReverbNation ‘Band Profile’ application MyBand.  The two HOT fan pages belong to BrokeNCYDE and Sean Kingston.

Check out brokeNCYDE’s Facebook page and click on the ‘Band Profile’  to see the app in action!

Or go to Sean Kingston’s Facebook page.

The MyBand application creates a powerful ‘Band Profile’ tab on your fan page that contains your songs, photos, videos, bio, show schedule, gathers fans onto your mailing list, and presents your merch and music for sale right on facebook. And its 100% FREE.  Artists can even add a custom banner with link to the top of the tab to promote a new release, a tour, or anything else.

“With the social media world changing so quickly; the only company that we were working with that anticipated and was ready for the great shift between Myspace and Facebook last year was ReverbNation with their MyBand application.  MyBand allowed us to instantly have a landing page to display music and other content without having to reinvent the wheel.  With the MyBand app as our default page we our capturing more fans the moment they see our page than ever before!” said Beth Chapin of Suburban Noize Records, representatives for brokeNCYDE.

Catina Acree, of Epic Records added, “ReverbNation is pretty much the most flawless, one-stop-shop tool there is available today.  The application’s integration with the impossibly difficult Facebook platform is about as painless as it gets, and the syndication and ease of use has me constantly recommending it to bands and musicians.”

Adding the MyBand app to YOUR fan page is simple, and takes about 1 minute.  You can get the app here.

Don’t have a facebook fanpage yet? Get one here and add the MyBand app to get the most out of Facebook now!

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KevinReport: 2 out of 5 Hottest Facebook Band Pages Use ReverbNation’s ‘MyBand’ Application


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  • John Stringer - October 15, 2010 reply

    Yep! ReverbNation is the best tool we know of for bands marketing themselves and developing relationships online, too! We recommend it to all of our artists at IndieHitMaker!

    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • mike - March 7, 2011 reply

    check this soul country music out

  • sam - April 11, 2012 reply

    Looks like Bandrx is closing in

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