Reminder: Facebook Eliminating Application Tabs on Personal Profiles (but NOT on ‘fan pages’, so don’t panic)

by Neal on October 30, 2010 · Comments

Folks, on November 3rd facebook has said that they will no longer be allowing application tabs to appear on PERSONAL FACEBOOK PROFILES.  Thankfully, this DOES NOT AFFECT APPLICATION TABS ON ‘FAN PAGES’ (SOMETIMES CALLED ‘BAND PAGES).

So if you have any of our apps – MyBand (Band Profile), Music, Shows, or Store – added as a tab to your personal profile page, make sure to add it to your band page right away so that your fans can still access it after November 3rd.

Here are the links you can use to add any of our apps to your band page RIGHT NOW:

Add My Band to your band page

Add Music app to your band page

Add Shows app to your band page

Add Store app to your band page

If you don’t have a band page at Facebook yet, create one here for free.

If you have any questions about any of these changes, please visit us at

Example:  My Band (Band Profile) app on the personal profile page of a member of the band.  This will be removed by facebook!

Example:  My Band (Band Profile) app on the fan page (aka ‘band page’).  These are all fine, so no worries.


  1. Chris Orrock says:

    I keep getting the following message when trying to use your link:
    My Band: Profile Pages for Bands and Musicians
    The developer of this application does not currently allow it to be added.

  2. Neal says:

    Hi Chris

    Sorry you are having trouble. You can find info on that specific error in our support community here:

    Hope that helps!

  3. Terry Carroll is SilverBeat says:

    New release on I just released Memories, winner of week 7 of the contest. Downloads are FREE.

    I put a Beatles lyric in the song. Can you find it?

  4. Xandre Lima says:

    I was so mad when Facebook did this. If they want to keep it clean, why don’t they just take all those advertising off? I think it was a stupid move of them. Let’s see the consequences… Maybe they’ll find out that this was very important to the users, and maybe it will be too late…

  5. Frank Nose says:

    Can,t add my band tab,also unable to manage or edit songs…

  6. Jeff says:

    Totally agree, Xandre.

    Was this a direct swipe at musicians by FB?

  7. Jermaine says:

    Facebook made a stupid move!!!!

  8. Rod Kent says:

    Sure made it a little inconvient, but I guess we will survive!

  9. forshop says:

    I was so mad when Facebook did this. If they want to keep it clean, why don’t they just take all those advertising off?

  10. Here is another classic example of someone trying to fix something that’s not broken. Facebook was fine the way it was. Why keep messing with something that works?

    For bands, musiclovers, authors and artists in general, MySpace continues to be more in tune to the wants and needs of it’s users.

    If you’re a band, screw Facebook and stick with MySpace. We will find you and listen to you there. Believe it!

  11. nocturnel says:

    this site sick as hell man…loving it

  12. Rev. Jazz says:

    i’ve been trying to get on for several days and keep coming up with PROBLEM LOADING PAGE. My music won’t play on facebook, it just hangs on my band profile… is something the matter with i can’t find any info anywhere else…. thank you in advance…

  13. From personal experience, though myspace is more “in-tune” with the musician, facebook is where everyone is at. Like Reverbnation, myspace gets you to die hard music fans, but facebook, as of now, seems to get you noticed by everyone, even the fly-by-nights, cause it seems the world, until something else better comes along, is on facebook.

    My suggestion is get your band EVERYWHERE! Don’t concentrate on one site. There are die-hard, potential fans, that won’t swith to new places. Don’t limit yourself.

    In the meantime, visit our website at ;)

  14. justin says:

    facebook sucks.

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