ReverbNation Scores Licensing Placements for Independent Artists on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada,” “Mean Girls 2,” Major League Baseball, and More

by reverb_administrator on December 7, 2010 · Comments

Some of the most influential music supervisors in the world have been listening to music from ReverbNation Artists, and they love what they are hearing.

Since the recent launch of the Premium Song Licensing program in partnership with APM Music, music supervisors have been eating up the fresh and relevant indie music in the APM ReverbNation Music library, scoring Reverb Artists dozens of placements, including the following:

ReverbNation and APM Music expect to invite more artists into the program soon.  Invites are sent out to ReverbNation artists who are active users of the site, have complete profiles, and whose music fits what APM’s clients are seeking.   To learn more about the program, visit


  1. MIKEY DRED says:


  2. GPSpector says:

    I hope these artists are getting more than just airplay while their songs are being used and given away for free.
    The best song I’ve heard so far was called “Love Is Like”. It was written by Onica Kuhlmann. I would like to see her succeed in the music industry, not exploited by it just because she’s “Indie”. There are too many bad song writer making it BIG out there just because they have a label behind them.

  3. Neal says:


    Thanks for the comment! Absolutely the artists are getting paid! The program was set up to help the artist. They do receive money for any placements secured!

  4. [...] its offering to include securing high quality opportunities for the Artists in the form of coveted licensing deals, lucrative brand sponsorship programs, and high-profile [...]

  5. Lila says:

    What about the artist’s rights? Do they lose anything by submitting their songs? I’m sure this program wouldn’t last long if so, but I was just curious about the legalities behind it.

  6. Wow interesting.. Well as long as the artist are receiving credit.

  7. Zachary says:

    This is very useful to musicians like me. Everything out there is a sea of corporate-driven insanity. So thank you from the botom of my heart.

  8. Jason says:

    This is a very GOOD news for artists. This program helps the artists get their placements secured.

  9. Charles says:

    No idea’s for free. All their hardwork and creativity should be given what is due. This helps give credit to where it is due.

  10. Steve says:

    My band Strangeletter just scored a placement in an ad for the re-release of the sci-fi show Firefly on the science channel through the licensing program. Check it out:

  11. Draztic says:

    We got paid, and it helps with publicity. One license scored us a a couple hundred bucks too.

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