How To Post ReverbNation Widgets On The “New” MySpace Music Profiles

Recently, MySpace has switched the layout of their musician profiles. At first, this change was optional, but it was eventually rolled out to all music profiles within the past week. We’ve heard some of our artist are having trouble learning how to post ReverbNation widgets on their new profiles, and wanted to make sure to show you how!

Additionally, if you have any ReverbNation widgets that were altered by the profile change, this will inform you of how to correctly post a new widget to replace it.

Check out this brief tutorial video on how to post a ReverbNation widget to the new style music profiles at MySpace:

Text Steps from the Video are as follows:

  1. Click the customize option inside your profile once logged-in to the account
  2. A “Theme” box should pop up in your interface. Choose “Modules” from that box
  3. Scroll down to find the “HTML Box” Option and click “Add”
  4. Mouse into your profile layout and drag-and-drop the HTML Box to the desired location
  5. Click the “Settings” Option for the HTML Box
  6. Paste in your ReverbNation widget HTML code into the box provided
  7. Save changes!
KevinHow To Post ReverbNation Widgets On The “New” MySpace Music Profiles
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