1,000,000th Band Joins ReverbNation – Company attributes success to its ‘Artist First’ approach to business

(Durham, NC – December 15th, 2010) ReverbNation, the leading Marketing and Promotion Platform for Musicians, Labels, Managers and Venues, and creator of ‘My Band’ the leading Facebook application for Bands and Musicians, registered the 1 millionth Artist to the platform yesterday.  The lucky Artist, PANA! a latin band from Stamford, CT will receive a package of free services and merchandise from the company to commemorate the event.

ReverbNation was launched in 2006 with a mission to provide Bands and solo Artists from any walk of life with the powerful business tools they need to be competitive in the social media age.  Many of the tools are free, with premium tools offered under a software-as-a-service model.  In recent years, the company has expanded its offering to include securing high quality opportunities for the Artists in the form of coveted licensing deals, lucrative brand sponsorship programs, and high-profile gigs.

PANA! from Stamford, CT. ReverbNation's 1,000,000th Band

Co-founder and chief executive officer Mike Doernberg explains the key to the company’s success, “We have always focused on serving the needs of the Artist, sometimes to a fault.  We align our success with theirs, both philosophically and literally within our products.  Our software products are built from scratch for the Artists, not modified from some other purpose.  And the opportunities we provide are carefully selected because of the real value they can deliver for the Artist.”

Jed Carlson, co-founder and chief operating officer, adds “Much of our success can be attributed to our products and processes.  We get to observe hundreds of thousands of Artists running marketing and promotion ‘experiments’ on the web, measure what works and what doesn’t, and bake the best practices into our solutions for all Artists.  This process has enabled us to continually evolve our products as new opportunities for marketing and promoting music arise.  As a result, Artists think of us more as their long-term marketing partner than a website with static tools.”

About ReverbNation:
ReverbNation is the leading online music marketing platform used by more than 1,000,000 Artists, Managers, Record Labels, and Venues to grow their reach, influence, and business across the internet.  ReverbNation provides free and affordable solutions to individual Artists and the music industry professionals that support them in the areas of web promotion, fan relationship management, digital distribution, social media marketing, direct-to-fan e-commerce, fan behavior measurement, sentiment tracking, Web site hosting, and concert booking and promotion.

ReverbNation’s innovation is in developing technologies that integrate the wide array of distribution, marketing, and promotional functions used by the music industry into one comprehensive and easy-to-use business application – helping virtually any artist grow their revenues, and providing insight into how each marketing input contributes to overall outcomes.  For more information, please visit ReverbNation.com and follow ReverbNation on Twitter:  www.twitter.com/reverbnation.

ReverbNation Media Contact:
Jed Carlson

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reverb_administrator1,000,000th Band Joins ReverbNation – Company attributes success to its ‘Artist First’ approach to business


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  • Madalyn Sklar - December 15, 2010 reply

    Congrats to RN on your great success. I can always say I knew you when…

  • dan scott - December 15, 2010 reply

    i am a singer/songwriter…mostly country music, all origional….cd’s are:: 1st. ‘Little Texas Town’…..2nd. ‘Lookin’ Back’….thank you all for your support and help for independant artist!…i live in Spring, Tx.

  • Superbrands - December 15, 2010 reply

    Congrats, guys!

  • Peter Assinck - December 15, 2010 reply

    Great Job ReverbNation! Greetz, Peter Assinck @ Studio 8 Hilversum (NL).

  • aLAn K - December 15, 2010 reply

    Brav0 Reverbnation, with capital B (BIG)
    Seems like almost every one on the planet are musos…what a revelation.
    Keep it up ;-()

  • P.DICEY - December 16, 2010 reply

    Congratulations to Reverbnation, I dont know where I would have been if not for Reverbnation, I now know I am heading some where great because, I will continue to recruit more of our J Town Nigerian artist to Reverbnation.thanks a million. you guys are great.

  • gina & sellassie - December 16, 2010 reply

    Congrats to RN. We think you are the best resource for independent artists on the web and it’s great to hear about all the recent successes.

  • Luciano Illuminati - December 16, 2010 reply

    Congratulations! I wish this was around back when I had fans in 2001, it would have helped a lot. But maybe my artistry won’t go to waste because of your extensive services.

    Thanks so much! – from Luciano Illuminati – Va Beach Rock Artist

  • Tori Sparks - December 21, 2010 reply

    Go RN go! Lou and the crew deserve all the recognition in the world.

  • cate songbird - December 21, 2010 reply

    Blown away by RN! I’m not surprised that you’re growing exponentially! I’ve been recommending ALL of my musician friends to join the website. It’s the best I’ve seen anywhere. I don’t regret for a second about joining. Thanks for all your hard work to make this such a successful website! Looking forward to a wonderful future together! 😉 Have a very merry Christmas!


  • cashvillan biggs - December 23, 2010 reply

    go become a fan @ http://www.reverbnation.com/circleofblood and like my facebook fan page and i will return the favor

  • spliffysparta - December 25, 2010 reply

    To the reverbnation staff: Thank you so much for volunteering in supporting me on my music quest.Your support enabled me to elevate easily. Not all the tasks were glamorous but everything you did was appreciated Your support won’t be forgotten.Best wishes for a happy holiday season.Thanks so very much
    ø ¤MERRYº°¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø ¤º° ¨¨° º ¤ø ¸ „ø ¤º° ¨¨° „ø ¤º° ¨¨° º ¤ø¸CHRISTMAS ¤ø ¸ „ø ¤º° ¨¨° º ¤ø ø ¤º° ¨¨¨° º ¤ø ¸ „ø ¤MERRYº° ¨¨° º ¤ø ¸ „ø ¤º° ¨¨° º ¤ø ¸ „ø ¤º° ¨¨° º ¤ø, „ CHRISTMAS ¤ø ¸ „ø ¤º° ¨¨° º ¤ø ø ¤º

  • Interested - December 31, 2010 reply

    I think you guy do a great job so kudos to you. But I was wondering, ReverbNation ranks all of their bands, correct? So if you do a search for All genres and select the focus as Global you will find the the last page you stop on is 25848 which puts the last band at the ranking 646,184. Here is the url http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/main/bes_chart?genre=all&genre_geo=Global&page=25848. Maybe you do not rank every artist but I thought you did. Reverb is a great resource and good for the artists but it would be nice to understand how you calculate the number of bands and if they are referring to active or total since their beginning. Not knocking you guys but just wondering how you arrived at 1,000,000.

  • Diallo - January 6, 2011 reply

    Glad to see the community over here reach 1,000,000 artists.
    I was among the 1st 200,000 and have spread the word to all others that may find it useful while watching the user base grow with consistency from a useful network of tools, to becoming the official chart system for all local music scenes.
    And especially since myspace dropped the ball on their local charts this has helped to make the service even more relevant nowdays.
    If anyone would like to check out some of my tunes visit me at http://reverbnation.com/diallo
    You can also check out more music from my label roster at http://reverbnation.com/label/herbalexrecords

  • Band Name Contest Winners! - January 10, 2011 reply

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  • Colie Brice - January 11, 2011 reply

    Congratulations and thank you 🙂

    Colie Brice
    The New Age Blues Experience

  • Dairenn Lombard - January 11, 2011 reply

    That’s amazing news, but I would like to know more about what ReverbNation is doing to attract its 1 millionth user who has signed up as a Fan? Without fans, users signed up as Artists are just marketing at each other.

  • 5BSC.COM – FIVE BOROUGH SHOWCASE » Blog Archive » Band Name Contest Winners! - February 24, 2011 reply

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  • COO, Artists Recording Collective - March 5, 2011 reply

    Congratulations, RN – well deserved and thanks for being the 21st Century Music Industry Resource that you are! Here’s to a million more artists …

  • Jeffrey Parker - March 22, 2011 reply

    Congradulations And thanks for giving musician’s and artist like me a chance to get our music out there and be heard.

  • J'Da Prynce~The New Prynce of R&B - April 17, 2011 reply

    Congratulations! Reverbnation..on your success on signing your 1,000,000 Band. As a newcomer to Reverbnation, who is quickly climbing the global, national and local ranks, I am ecstatic about the successes that I am experiencing with reverbnation..and am even more excited about the growth of the company. Thank you for your “Artists First” business philosophy. Our success is aligned to your success, and I wish all my fellow independent and signed artists the best in each of their endeavors..and to you Reverbnation, I wish the SAME!

    Thank you,

    J’Da Prynce
    Finally, Your Live Music Revolution is HERE!

  • Funk Whip - April 21, 2011 reply

    This is our favourite place for posting music.
    As a studio owner it’s also my primary recommendation to new artists.
    The right tools for the job,beats the rest hands down…..

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