Vote for Your Favorite Band Names: A Look Back on 1,000,000 Artists

by reverb_administrator on December 15, 2010 · Comments

50 Popular Words That Bands Use In Their Names reached a new milestone yesterday when it signed up its one millionth artist. “We’re humbled, but this is really a story about how vibrant the global Artist community is right now,” says COO and Co-Founder Jed Carlson. “For our part, we’ll continue doing what we do best – creating powerful tools and great opportunities for Artists and those the orbit them. ”

The 1,000,000th Artist to join the site is .. “PANA!“.  In celebration of this, we will be providing this Artist with a nice prize package, including a ’1,000,000th Artist Reverb T-shirt’.

Launched in October of 2006, ReverbNation has quickly become one of the most explosive and talked about music sites on the Internet today. Artists all over the world are enjoying the site’s ever-expanding number of features and services, such as Digital Distribution to major online retailers, festival and showcase submission opportunities, and direct-to-fan merchandising. ReverbNation is growing faster by the day and Mike Doernberg, CEO and Co-Founder of the site, does not believe the momentum will be slowing any time soon. “We recognize that the music business is way more than just selling discs or downloads,” he says. “The scope of what we do for the Artist will continue to grow, and if we keep delivering real value to them, we expect that they will keep joining the Nation.”

Reaching one million artists could not have happened without the support of all of the amazing artists, venues, labels, and fans that have made ReverbNation what it is today. We would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your support through the years. Since the site’s birth, we have heard a lot of great music. We have also seen some of the most hilarious, interesting, (and sometimes just plain vulgar) band names ever created. In honor of reaching one million artists, we would like you to vote on your favorite band name in each of the following categories:

FUNNIEST – You WILL laugh.

MOST BIZARRE – Band names that MUST have an interesting backstory.

MOST CLEVER – Band names that we wish we would have thought of.

Be sure to vote for your favorites! The winning band in each category will receive a full year of our Reverb Press Kits service for FREE!


  1. Mike says:

    Honorable mention for Douchebag Machete

  2. shell says:

    check out these guys and put em on ya list there buddy

  3. shell says:

    supes kitchn ……… babee

  4. spiders says:

    space spiders is where it’s at!

  5. Joey B says:

    I’ll throw in ‘la poema’ as it is from the Greek word meaning ‘work of art’.

  6. Alicia says:

    J-Funk and the WildLife Managment Crew

    All Original written and composed by the band memeber – no covers
    Ecclectic Jazzy, Funky, Gosple Blues as well as other styles. They do their show in an old fashion radio style format. Too much fun!

    They are also on Facebook

  7. Spot says:

    Bloodshot Iris, check them out!

  8. Eli says:

    Parting Seas FTW. Check em out, or check yourself

  9. Dariusz Roberte says:

    Easily the best band name: EPOCH COLLAPSE

  10. stewart says:

    Highjinx and the badstars

  11. arisechicken says:

    d-bag machetts 4 tha win.

  12. We’re Nocturnal Rush, because we’re 8th-10th grade rockers who get a RUSH out of staying up all night!! We perform at events all over the DC Metro area. Check us out at

  13. Ronney says:

    What? ColonBlow didn’t make it?

  14. jessica + natalie says:

    put DEFECT DATA on the list for cleverst band names …. !
    he has also the amazings electronic music … written in the future !
    and also a very unique graphic work ! add him please :)

  15. Clifford Cory says:

    Where’s Cory on the list. Should be mentioned.

  16. “eyan” from Barbados he has just released his new single’s Take A Chance and Gone….

  17. Pentomic <—-best band on reverb

  18. GABBO says:

    “Yesticles” cracked me up !

  19. They are the foundation of the SoulHop genre and sound. Catch Da Feva!

  20. Cavi says:

    I like these categories but maybe there should be more categories. For example something that all artist can be involved in or at least the majority.

    Cavi Muzik
    Amongst Starz Vol. 2 comin’ soon!

  21. Chris says:

    so much meth

    the methamphibians should be on here

  22. DJ Ben says:

    Cracking list! I have to agree with Mike and arisechicken with d-bag machete. Arisechciken would be a nomination as well if you were a band! A salt with a deadly weapon = brilliant!

    Looking forward to the results, awesome prize!

  23. [...] ReverbNation reached its 1,000,000th band we decided to hold a band name contest showcasing some of the craziest band names we’ve heard over the years. You came together and [...]

  24. stagemom4evr says:

    Soon to be among top favourite progressive metal band! EVER! TheWorshp DELIVERS! Evertime I listen to a song! I never TIRE of the melodic maze of magical majestry that mesmerises me over and over again! I have a short attention span and I hear something new each time! Now that’s a “HOOK!” Don’t deny yourself this “turn on” of what’s “hot and heavy” NOW! @TheWorshyp!

  25. [...] we charge for, which allows us to keep the lights on. Since we just passed our 1,000,000th band (…) we think artists are pretty happy with our service and we will continue to give them new and [...]

  26. Keith G says:

    I am always amazed at how the craziest names get people excited in contests, but they are always the worst bands….

  27. King says:


  28. Martin says:

    Meth Leppard’s for me. Cerebral Pauly is also very bizaare and funny. But congratulations to the winners anyway.

  29. Casey says:

    Methinks it’s Middle Aged Cracker Rapper. It all sounds my grandma and grandma rapping together. Oldies but goodies and funny too.

  30. [...] ReverbNation reached its 1,000,000th band we decided to hold a band name contest showcasing some of the craziest band names we’ve heard over the years. You came together and [...]

  31. Hammy Havoc says:

    My personal favourite is ‘Wheatus’; Short, catchy and makes you ask the story behind it.

  32. noname says:

    BEST Band, Best New Artist, Recognition “Dove Awards” last two years…Look for this new uprising Rock band!!!

  33. noname says:

    BEST Band, Best New Artist, Recognition “Dove Awards” last two years…Look for this new uprising Rock band!!! “CONSUMEDBYFIRE”

  34. Audio Weapon says:

    Our artist id # is 1474! lol Sure a lot more users now

  35. Deebo Deeb says:


  36. Descendants of Chaos says:

    Haha there were some good ones! RN Rules!!!

  37. SLEEZE says:

    EH WE STILL GOT THE MOST AWESOMENESS NAME! were was that catagory?!?

  38. J says:

    First time Hookers… Go Melbourne!!!

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