The ReverbNation Control Room iPhone App (beta) Now Available for Free

Our first mobile app is now available in Apple’s App Store. The app allows musicians to collect fan emails at concerts directly through their iPhone, provides the artist with the latest profile and song stats, the ability to post status updates to Twitter, Facebook and Myspace simultaneously, and to send FanReach email newsletters to their fans.

Control Room iPhone App

Critical Control Room Functions Available from your iPhone

The app was developed to allow our musicians to access critical functions from their ReverbNation control room while they are on the go. Those functions are listed below:

  • Send FanReach Emails
  • Collect Fan Email Addresses
  • View Profile and Email stats
  • Update status for Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace

The App is Available for Free in the App Store

The app is currently in beta and available for free to all users with a ReverbNation login. Please let us know what you think, and post your suggestions opinions in the comments section.
Download the app for free on iTunes »

KevinThe ReverbNation Control Room iPhone App (beta) Now Available for Free
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