4 Easy Steps to Increase your Mailing List with Myspace Messaging

The most valuable fans you have are the fans on your mailing list. You can talk to them, tell them about your new albums, upcoming shows and generally keep them up to date on your music. One great way to increase the size of your mailing list is to convert your Myspace friends into mailing list fans. Fortunately our recent integration with Myspace has made this super easy for ReverbNation users. Here’s how to increase your mailing list in 4 easy steps:

1. Login to your ReverbNation Control Room, click the FanReach tab, and then select Create Email

2. Choose the “Fan Recruiter” template.

This template will automatically create the email’s subject line and message body so you don’t need to do anything but click next (you are welcome to add or edit the information to give it a more personalized feel if you wish, but you don’t have to).

3. Your Myspace friends are automatically set as the  target for this message

If you haven’t synced to a Myspace artist account yet, you’ll need to do that now. If you are already synced to a Myspace account you do not need to make any changes during the “Select Recipients” step, we’ve taken care of all that for you.

4. Schedule and send your email!

It will go to ONLY your Myspace friends and ask them to join your official mailing list. Warning! You can send invitations to your MySpace friends only once during a 24 hour period.

That’s it! The message will delivered to the Myspace internal message box of all your Myspace friends, and it’s already designed to encourage your Myspace friends to join your mailing list.

[Update] Some users may have experienced a bug with this feature for portions of yesterday and today. As of about 4pm on Dec. 24th the bug has been fixed and is now working properly.

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Kevin4 Easy Steps to Increase your Mailing List with Myspace Messaging


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  • Rachel Bockover - December 23, 2010 reply

    I just used this everything seemed fine until I sent it out. My stats came back saying I had sent the message to 64 contacts the exact amount already on my mailing list. I have 10,764 myspace friends. What the bleep…. I do not want to bother my mailing list by sending them a message to join a list they are already on. Before I sent I made sure the message was going to myspace only. What happened.

  • Brian Hazard - December 24, 2010 reply

    Fantastic! This is exactly what I was hoping for when you announced Myspace integration. I just sent out my first message to Myspace friends following your instructions.

    Since the default message doesn’t mention free downloads, I tried to change the subject line to discover that you have to add some text in the body of the message, or it won’t let you save the subject line change. Not a problem though! I included my standard “join my mailing list” pitch and it’s off!

    FanReach said it went out to 1890 recipients, which is how many subscribers I have on my mailing list. Hopefully it went out to ZERO of those recipients. I’ve got 3562 Myspace friends, but I’m guessing the system doesn’t have that information.

    Thanks for adding some value back to Myspace!

  • Mike Bear - December 24, 2010 reply


  • AwakeAwakeBand - December 25, 2010 reply

    Alright! I tried it once before they made the new template and I don’t think it worked. Probably because it filtered out all the myspace friends that weren’t over 99 too. Mailing list is the way to go, we’re giving away lots of free content on ours.

  • chris - January 2, 2011 reply

    Having the same issue as above regarding the message going out to my fanreach list. I check the box where it allows you to target your myspace friends. Once sent, it states that the message was sent to my fanreach addresses and 0 myspace friends. Again, I check the box and hit the update button, while no change is made to the amount of people I am targeting. Any ideas??

  • TOEM PRONH - January 3, 2011 reply

    Music song

  • Castle Cruz - January 4, 2011 reply

    Ditto– my first attempt, right before Christmas went to none of my myspace fans and all of my current mailing list– making me look dumb. Today’s attempt generated a ‘could not send to myspace’ error on the final step. Needs some work.

  • Yurik9527 - January 5, 2011 reply

    Probably because it filtered out all the myspace friends that weren’t over 99 too.

  • niophilz - January 25, 2011 reply

    what of reserbnation users that re not o my space,can they do the same with facebook or twitter?thank u as u attend to my question.

  • Chris Burnett - January 29, 2011 reply

    Great. Thanks. Any plans of releasing a player in html5 so that iPad and smart phone using fans can listen to music from my RN widgets too?

  • Chris Burnett - January 29, 2011 reply

    Great. Thanks. Any plans of releasing a player in html5 so that iPad and smart phone using fans can listen to music from my RN widgets too? Website corrected due to typo.

  • Keith Griffis - January 30, 2011 reply

    Have any bands used the myspace integration? We are looking for artists who have used this feature effectively to share their experience. You will receive full credit. Visit us at IsItIndie.com and let us know.

  • Jed - January 30, 2011 reply

    @Chris Burnett,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We are exploring html 5 at this time.


  • Motzer - February 12, 2011 reply

    schön wärs…wenn ich das richtig verfolge, wird das als spam gesehen und der account wird gelöscht…freischalten…gelöscht…freischalten

  • Kevin - February 13, 2011 reply

    I’m no techy-savvy dude. But so far, this has been very easy to follow. Now, I’m waiting for the targets to follow.

  • Kyle - February 13, 2011 reply

    Awesome! It’s good you can do this with Myspace. Thank you.

  • Brandon - February 13, 2011 reply

    I need more information on how exactly this is going to work though. How is it going to work on html5?

  • Austin - February 13, 2011 reply

    My frst attempt had no glitch. But now, I’m getting that ‘could not send to myspace’ message. What do I do?

  • Emma Mory - February 13, 2011 reply

    It just does not work and has not since i have tried to use it on several occassions (despite being linked) both ends. Also despite my two requests through your help line . Please Reverbnation if the thing works it is a valuable resource..But it just does not work…when will it work ? Tell me how, help me to get it to work , pleasde please please.

  • J Maxxx - February 15, 2011 reply

    Same here ,even worst . I have friends requesting to be on my fan list but Reverbnation will not except them for some reason. I’ve received no email for approval and they have not either. What gives man. Is this site really to help out new bands or what.

  • tha real tnt - February 16, 2011 reply

    well its not working for me so f it come check me out anyway kml! http://www.reverbnation.com/tharealtnt

  • Juzt Muzik - February 27, 2011 reply

    Why doesnt this this go for a label page?

    Neal - February 28, 2011 reply


    Thanks for the comment! This just isn’t something that has been developed for label pages, but I will forward along your suggestion!

  • dvahyu - March 6, 2011 reply

    My fan add up is not working for over a week now and I got just over 800 fans please let me know what the problem is.

  • Archangels - March 8, 2011 reply

    Do we have any news about this please? We tried it but it doesn’t to work..may be did someone find a tip to make it work, it would be awesome! Anyway, thank for the effort!
    Reverbnation is great!!!!!

    Neal - March 8, 2011 reply


    Sorry you are having trouble. Check out support site for tips or post your problem for us to look into: http://support.reverbnation.com

  • Vic Stathopoulos - March 11, 2011 reply

    Tried it again today and its still not working. Its a great idea. I will be fantastic feature when it works. I can’t wait.

  • Divalicious Candi - March 29, 2011 reply

    When I sync to my myspace acct it says it was successfully sync’d, yet when I try to select to send to myspace friends it keeps saying I’m not sync’d – what gives???

  • Kim - April 19, 2011 reply

    I think the new myspace has caused some problems when trying to sync. I keep getting an “unable to process your request” error from myspace.

  • caleb - May 2, 2011 reply

    mine worked. i like how somebody was smart enough to think of a way to try to get some of those myspace fans into reverb nice

  • the seventh cavalry - May 9, 2011 reply

    metal/post hardcore
    the seventh cavalry, we having bigger aspirations than getting big locally please listen 🙂
    looking for feedback positive or negative

  • Charles Simmons - June 4, 2011 reply

    Honestly, given that more and more people are abandoning Myspace these days, how effective is it really to market to a Myspace profile? Anecdotally speaking, I recently conducted a poll of all of my online friends, fans, colleagues, etc. (over 5000 contacts), and the overwhelming majority of them stated that they no longer use Myspace for anything.

    Charles Simmons

  • Tov Rose - June 18, 2011 reply

    Be nice if it would actually work.
    This message just makes it worthless after it looks like it was going to work:
    Connect ReverbNation with Myspace
    Oops! We’re sorry, but we are unable to process your request.

    Please try again, and if you continue to see this message please contact us here.

  • Grizzlysbeatz - June 21, 2011 reply

    sounds like a great and fast way to create a hugh fan base.

  • BookT - July 15, 2011 reply

    I also added some of my myspace friends however I feel like everyone is leaving myspace, thats why I joined reverbnation. A great tool they have is the promote it campaign. It’s not free but it has been effective.


    Check out my True Hip Hop & R&B from ya man BookT! Ambitious by nature, I’m looking to increase my fan volume globally. Listen and become a fan. Feedback is necessary whatever your opinion may be.


  • Lazy Rida Beats - April 13, 2015 reply

    Really helpfull steps. I had tried that one and i must say it really works! I am waiting for more articles like that.

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