Band Name Contest Winners!

When ReverbNation reached its 1,000,000th band we decided to hold a band name contest showcasing some of the craziest band names we’ve heard over the years. You came together and voted on band names in three categories: Funniest, Most Bizarre, and Most Clever, and now we have the winners, who will all receive a full year of our Reverb Press Kit service FREE!


Winner Runner Ups
Yesticles – 21% of the Votes
Dead Sea Squirrels

Most Bizarre:

Winner Runner Ups
Douchebag Machete – 18% of the Votes
Harmonious Society of Tickle-Fiddle Gentlemen


Most Clever:

Winner Runner Ups
A Salt With A Deadly Weapon – 15% of the Votes

Peanut Butter & Jealous

Congratulations to these bands and all who participated.

KevinBand Name Contest Winners!
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