ReverbNation Partners With Google to Put Songs/Shows Into Search Results

by Shelly on September 2, 2011 · Comments

Have you noticed how when you search for certain things on Google — universities or major movies, corporations or car dealers — some have results that are organized and packed with helpful, quick links?

These are called “rich snippets,” and we’re one of Google’s first partners to integrate this function into music-related search results — making it easier for fans to find your content when they search. Check out this example that lists out the songs available from the artist:

Here’s one that lists the concert schedule of the artist

Best of all, you don’t have to do anything extra to have rich snippets added to your search results. Just keep your ReverbNation account up to date with your latest music and concerts and we do the rest of the web markup.

The next time someone remembers your name, spots you on a playbill or on a marquee, and is curious about your music, they’ll be able to more easily and quickly find sites that have relevant information about you and your music when they search for you using Google.


  1. Svetoslav says:

    That’s just great!

  2. it is a very good opportunity to have this sites to advintise musicien and songs. but why you dont give people the opportunity to do this free and you start charging later yeah…..

  3. very good ,thanks for sharing

  4. Jed says:

    The site IS free! You only pay for premium services that you want, but none are required. And you don’t need any premium services to get better search results via Google. It happens automatically for any artist with a profile on the site.

  5. This is a great thing,I don’t promote myself as I should, So this is great for me.Advertising is costly to a Musician and Producer on a very tight budget.

  6. This is a great thing,I don’t promote myself as I should, So this is great for me.

  7. Ray Williams says:

    This is very good news as we are almost through working on our second project.

  8. kevmack says:

    Check out my new single steeze on point and tell me what y’all think of it leave a comment

  9. FLY LOC says:


  10. Mayck says:

    Street phinx!!!!!!

  11. Thats great! …And more bands should learn more about “SEO” to rock on Google!

  12. that’s very superb and amazing!!!!!!!!! thanks for posting and sharing

  13. reneegardner says:

    GREAT!!! Can’t wait to see! #HIPHOPSOUL . Support the Movement! Twitter @ReneetheG

  14. [...] ReverbNation Partners With Google to Put Songs/Shows Into Search Results. [...]

  15. I think that this was an intelligent move all around the board for the benefit of ReverbNation as well as the artist who are a part of it and support it. Even more so, this may be one solution amongst many efforts that can be taken to somewhat correct the bug the site contains in relation to reporting accurate statistics for the artist.

  16. Chris says:

    Nice, this is awesome!

  17. That’s a very nice feature, love to see it working!

    Massive Magic

  18. I am well talented plz naija help your little boy flizzy

  19. Nash says:

    interesting…isnt that just search engine optimization?…Im not too techy but i heard the term somewhere.

  20. Shelly says:

    Effective SEO (search engine optimization) will get you to appear higher in search results. This new feature puts compelling details into that listing.

  21. Diamonah says:

    That,s the best thing that has ever happened in reverbnation!Love it!

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