Top 10 Venues that Bands Want to Play

As part of our partnership with Digital Music News, we asked over a thousand ReverbNation artists to name the one place they wanted to play more than any other and here are the results. Then we asked them to narrow things down a bit and give us the top ten venues in NYC, LA and London.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

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KevinTop 10 Venues that Bands Want to Play


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  • study in china - September 29, 2011 reply

    This is a very good activities, thank you for your work

  • Greg - September 29, 2011 reply

    The Whisky? Yuck.

  • Voni Crist - October 4, 2011 reply

    Many major artists perform at the Staple Center. Surprised it wasn’t mentioned in the poll.

  • Warren b - October 23, 2011 reply

    I’m interested hit me up thanks

  • De Andre Gatlin - November 1, 2011 reply

    I’m a Gospel/R&B/Classic Rock Drummer and interested in touring with Professional bands.

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