Bands and Musicians: How to Get on Facebook Music

If you’ve been on Facebook lately (and we know you have), no doubt you’ve noticed that what your friends are listening to shows up in your ticker.

Obviously, it’s a great opportunity for artists to get their music heard on the world’s biggest social network.  But how do you get on there, exactly?

The short answer is that you need to have your music on one of the integrated, licensed, music services like Spotify, MOG, Rhapsody, Rdio or others.  Everything else is automatic.

ReverbNation is here to help.  If you use our flat-fee digital distribution service, every time one of your fans listens to your music, it’ll show up on their wall and their friends’ tickers. Automatically.  Best of all, you keep 100% of the royalties from streaming or purchases that happen on Facebook music. Get your music onto Facebook NOW.

One more thing. We’re very interested in what you think about the new Facebook music feature, so please leave us your comments. And stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about ReverbNation’s integration with Facebook music. It’s in the works!

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KevinBands and Musicians: How to Get on Facebook Music


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  • Jordyn - October 1, 2011 reply

    How Do You Get A Song U Wrote To A Certain Record Label?

    Neal - October 6, 2011 reply


    Thanks for the comment. Feel free to click “Send Message” on a label page to introduce your self and try to set up a way to get them a song. We also offer opportunities in the Control Room — Opportunities section of your site, many of which involve labels or festivals looking for songs!

    We have a support site here as well:, that may help you out in the future, so give it a bookmark!

  • ashton slater - October 1, 2011 reply


    We (The Chuck Dukowski Sextet and The Shrine) will be hitting up Asheville, NC on October 23, 2011. Playing at the One Stop Deli & Bar with droidmotor and Ogre Throne. Wondering if it’s possible to help us with some “gettin’ the word out” type of stuff. This is the first time The CD6 have EVER been on the road since forming about 6 years ago, and the first time Chuck Dukowski (BLACK FLAG) himself has been on the road since 1985. We may not be back to these towns for a while so we’re looking to make the shows as awesome as we can at this point. Let me/us know what you think!

    Here’s some links to videos and band pages:

    The Shrine

    Tour Page

    Thank You,

    Ashton Slater
    Nice & Friendly Records
    Eliminator Records

  • Russell Rogers - October 1, 2011 reply

    D Kilin’ Time Band is a big fan of ReverbNation

  • querubines vision - October 2, 2011 reply

    just want to share our music with all the people who’s love the music

  • Dean - October 2, 2011 reply

    As soon as the full album is done we want to get on there right away. Thank you Reverbnation for making it so easy. Also thank you Shilid for referring us to Reverbnation.

  • Homes For Sale San Antonio Texas - October 5, 2011 reply

    wow!! that’s great, I m regular listener of reverbnatio, I would like very much to add this feature on facebook.

  • Ajay - October 8, 2011 reply

    How do you get your physical CD to the record stores? How to get to an active distributor?

    Shelly - October 10, 2011 reply

    There are 2 main ways to sell music with our site.

    1. The ReverbStore (located in Control Room — ReverbStore). The ReverbStore is free to use and can be set up at anytime! It would allow to sell through your ReverbNation profile or Band Profile application.

    More info on the ReverbStore here:

    ReverbStore FAQ about payment, etc, here:

    2. Digital Distribution (this is to get your music on iTunes, Amazon, other online retailers). This does cost money (it is a yearly fee per release), we offer two packages.

    Find info on Digital Distribution here (there is a FAQ link at bottom as well):

  • study in china - October 10, 2011 reply

    I look forward to use the flat-fee digital distribution service,share our music with all the people

  • Sisco zee daslim - October 11, 2011 reply

    Star today super star tomorow

  • Kansas City SEO - October 12, 2011 reply

    I guess I will need to read more about how to make money through the stream. I understand about the downloads. But are you referring to the FAIR SHARE program?

    Neal - October 14, 2011 reply

    @Kansas City SEO

    Thanks for the comment! You can find out about our Fair Share program specifically here:

    If you have questions regarding that, check out our support site here! :

  • Wesley - October 13, 2011 reply

    I like this page coz i hope its going to help me, coz i hv got 18tracks tht i made using fl studio. am lookng for someone who is going to make my dream come true. help me guys plz do.

  • Paul - October 13, 2011 reply

    I’ve never thought much of the integration between reverbnation and facebook. And since facebook have bizarrely got rid of their own players on music fanpages, surely reverbnation (band page) players should default to being displayed as soon as anyone looks at your page but that doesn’t happen! Music players are the most important part of any music profile, and band pages have all the information that should be accessible included within them so why has this issue still not been sorted???? There’s a lot of concern amongst artists in forums on Get Satisfaction about this!

    Neal - October 14, 2011 reply


    Thanks for the comment. Facebook actually places a restriction on that. You can certainly use our “publish” button within the application to make your Band Profile app the defaulted location. However, it will only show as default for those who have not yet liked your page. Those who have liked your page, or the admin, are required to see the wall by Facebook. We’ve been looking for a way around it, and will continue to, but that’s unfortunately how it works at this time.

    Check out our support site in the future for questions and we’ll be happy to get you square:

  • Plus E - November 4, 2011 reply

    I love this and i whant to be pat of this

  • kento mybro - November 6, 2011 reply

    one love my people

  • joshua atherley - November 13, 2011 reply

    i would love to contribute some genuine artistry out there

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