Music Licensing: ReverbNation Scores Worldwide Hyundai Ad

There are lots of great places for expert advice on getting your music licensed. Between the conferences (Billboard Film & TV), the forums, the blogs, and google searches, finding advice is no longer an issue. Here’s an example: try googling “How do i get my music onto TV.” It’s…underwhelming.  Do you really need to read another blog telling you that “the key to success is networking?”  Here’s another approach.  Let the experts be experts, and focus on what you know best: great music!  Gina Cutillo’s done just that, coupling her pop sentimentality with the forward vision of the ReverbNation/APM Music Song Licensing Program.

Check out the lovechild we made for Hyundai:

Gina Cutillo: Hyundai Elantra, Worldwide TV advertisement

Congrats to ALL the ReverbNation artists whose talent and hard work have been recognized in these feature placements:

Danger Maker — CBS Promos for The Good Wife
The Shoreline — CBS Promos for A Gifted Man
Kidd Russell — CBS Promos for A Gifted Man
Nenna Yvonne — Promos for The World According to Paris
Gina Cutillo — Hyundai Elantra
Draztic — Somerset Collection/CityLoft TV Spot
PJ Pacifico — Spike TV – Life of a Coal Miner
Strangeletter — Portlandia
Linda Draper — Portlandia
Vandarth — WWE – Tough Enough

How can you get involved with Sync Licensing?

ReverbNation and APM Music regularly invite new artists to participate in the Song Licensing Program. Invites are sent out to ReverbNation artists who are active users of the site, have complete profiles, and whose music fits what music supervisors are seeking. To learn more about the program, visit

KevinMusic Licensing: ReverbNation Scores Worldwide Hyundai Ad
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