Are Your Remix Skills Ready for Slip-N-Slide?

Want a consult with legendary hip hop label, Slip-N-Slide Records? How about a featured spot on their homepage? Who wouldn’t?!

Here’s your chance! Remix “GONE” from up-and-coming Slip-N-Slide artist, Mike Bless and you’ll not only get to challenge your skills, you’ll also gain exposure to one of the greatest urban labels around. And if you win, you get that consult with Slip-N-Slide A&R and a homepage feature! Click here for more info.

Check out Mike Bless and the original “GONE” video. Bless admits that his approach to music isn’t typical R&B, calling his style “smooth, feel good with an edge.” Critics call it rhythm and gangsta. We call it a great remix opportunity for you. Take a look at the official video, listen and if you like what you hear, download the stems and get started. Click here for details. Oh and yeah — submission is free!

KevinAre Your Remix Skills Ready for Slip-N-Slide?
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