Are Your Remix Skills Ready for Slip-N-Slide?

by Shelly on December 24, 2011 · Comments

Want a consult with legendary hip hop label, Slip-N-Slide Records? How about a featured spot on their homepage? Who wouldn’t?!

Here’s your chance! Remix “GONE” from up-and-coming Slip-N-Slide artist, Mike Bless and you’ll not only get to challenge your skills, you’ll also gain exposure to one of the greatest urban labels around. And if you win, you get that consult with Slip-N-Slide A&R and a homepage feature! Click here for more info.

Check out Mike Bless and the original “GONE” video. Bless admits that his approach to music isn’t typical R&B, calling his style “smooth, feel good with an edge.” Critics call it rhythm and gangsta. We call it a great remix opportunity for you. Take a look at the official video, listen and if you like what you hear, download the stems and get started. Click here for details. Oh and yeah — submission is free!


  1. VaVarsity says:

    @team Maxx Lyve Ent try n to collab n network or any future projects beats for sell songs for sell ready to perform anytime place n date

  2. Independent artist from Dallas TX ready anytime anyday to connect n collab wit any artist so get at me !

  3. cash dolla says:

    whats up mike bless and slip n slide records that song banging down here mane i think what you guys are doing is a good opp for all us underground rappers and again slip n slide you guys are tha best 1-love cash dolla

  4. jb says:

    round n loud

  5. Doc Masta says:

    Looking for the “Gone” Inst. or do i we make it from ground up…Let me know

  6. Thanks to ReverbNation for the Page For Artist

  7. Shelly says:

    Hi Doc —

    Click on the link for the opportunity at the bottom or the blog post and all your questions should be answered. If not, reach out to support(at)

  8. lil jj productions says:

    I couldnt download it on my Android. Now its asking me to submit my remix. Where can I download it again?

  9. Shelly says:

    Hi Lil jj — It does sound like you need to download the stems again. I’ve asked our support team to reach out to you but you can also contact them, support(at) Best of luck — Shelly

  10. maroczik says:

    it sound amazing i love it where can i buy or download it

  11. Dorothy Lefebvre says:

    This vedio was perfect but it should of had a nice song to go with it ,

  12. John says:

    I didn’t know Lemar Odom was making the musics.

  13. Slice says:

    Common switchin’ up again?!..Lol

  14. @MakaihBeats says:

    I remixed this. Hope all is well.

  15. Shelly says:

    Good luck!

  16. Tyler says:

    i need to like to download the stem beats please hellppp!!!

  17. Shelly says:

    Sure — simply click on the link in the blog post and it’ll take you to the submission page. Read through that, click on submit and follow the instructions. We’ll tell you how to download the stems there and get started. If you’re still having trouble, contact support(at)reverbnation(dot)com Good luck!

  18. Ryan Aguirre says:

    I signed up for the competition and used the free trial for the RPK, and even at its low cost I couldn’t really sink the money in… I remixed the song but was wondering if I had to have the RPK to submit it although I do have a artist page.

  19. V.bright says:


    Well done man cool video. Am v.bright i also make a remix of gone, i want you to check it out. one love

  20. Mariana says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Unfortunately, you must have an RPK to submit to opportunities on our site. However, this is partly to help keep the overall submission cost historically lower. There is no submission fee for this opportunity. Hope this answers your question!

  21. [...] Records just announced the winner to the Mike Bless remix competition (read blog post about it here)! And the winner is Grench, a 18-year-old producer from Fairborn, Ohio, who added a dope [...]

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