Remix Ready? Grammy-nominated Carmen Rizzo Wants to Hear What You’ve Got

by Shelly on January 3, 2012 · Comments

Carmen Rizzo knows a thing or two about success in the music business: In addition to his two Grammy nominations, this Los Angeles based producer, artist, electronic musician, and composer, has writing, engineering and programming credits on Seal’s classic “Seal II” album, has produced and writen for Paul Oakenfold’s “Bunka” album, and remixed BT, Tiesto, and singers Huun Huur Tu in collaboration with Tuvan Throat. Plus he’s has frequent fixture on album credits working with artist like Coldplay, Alanis Morissette, Dido, AR Rahman, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Khaled and Pete Townshend.

Now he wants to give you a chance to show off your remix skills. He’s hand selected one of his latest tracks — “Returning to Silence” — because it’s “remix friendly, with a cool, hypnotic bass line and nice beats.” Listen for yourself here.

Then give it a shot. Rizzo encourages each entrant to have fun, be true to their own style and come up with something totally different than the original. The winner gets worldwide exposure and a featured release on Electrofone Records.

Click here to get step-by-step instructions for downloading all you need to get started and then uploading your finished remix masterpiece.


  1. Eddie says:

    I got the best Electro HI Energy Music on RB Check out my page !!!!

  2. alleezha says:

    look here look at my site im the biggest in africa
    ( youtube) – zhaalleezha i can do a remix give me the beat so where i could get it and it will happen

  3. Shelly says:

    Hello over there in Africa! To get started, click in the link in the blog post above, download the stems and submit your masterpiece. Good luck!

  4. stephen says:

    I love Rock & Roll,Rock & Roll Is King!I am a fiftyseven year old Rock @ Roller,i still cut a little rug from time to time,and has a strong Voice to match.Give It To Me!

  5. epiphany says:

    Love2Remix your song, but gotta worldwide msg for you&yours@UTube-sandman39100–Pray&TakeAction4aFUTURE!Peace&Love

  6. Tripple.i says:

    I am a very good song writter & i can sing into any bit.All I need is helping hand.

  7. D.sage says:

    am Dayveed you can call me D.sage, am an African from Nigeria i rap a lot because that is my passion, i will like to be in the remix of your song.

  8. Miss lead says:

    Hey,am th freshest artiste in town,I gat skillz,am industrious,prudent and optimistic in life,am also a go geter,ambitious,funny,unique bt most of all,I am smart,…music just completes me,its everythng,I would love to work with yu and if you give m a chance,u wil b amazed at wat african artste can produce….so much biger and beta…I hope u shall accomodate one more black princess….thank you..
    My names in facebook are kish baibz,th girl in long braids and a black top,I live in nairobi kenya..find me..

  9. lilsam says:

    im a gud raper i can rap on any beat

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