Hard Rock Cafe wants to discover you. Win the global battle of the bands and play Hyde Park, London. Enter for FREE!

by Shelly on January 6, 2012 · Comments

So you think you’re the next undiscovered worldwide music sensation? Here’s your chance to find out. Hard Rock Cafe is on the hunt for rock stars on the rise to take the stage at the Hard Rock Calling 2012 music festival in London’s Hyde Park.

The contest — Hard Rock Rising — is like no other battle of the bands before it. First, it’s presented by Hard Rock Cafe so you know it’s legit. Second, the prize package is unbelievable (three top winners, with the number one band getting $10,000 in PROMOTE IT credits to advertise on Facebook.) And third, an all-expense paid gig at Hard Rock Calling, headlined by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen!. And entering is FREE!

You want in!? Here are the guidelines to enter:

- You need a ReverbNation profile. They’re FREE!
- Each band/artist may enter through no more than ONE Hard Rock location — there are 86 participating around the globe!
- You or one of your bandmates must live in the same country as that location.

Here’s how it works:

  • Phase 1: First round winners are determined by fan downloads on participating Hard Rock Facebook pages. One download equals one vote.
  • Phase 2: Top vote getters (a minimum of nine per location) play in a series of live competitions and one winner from each location will be crowned by their peers.
  • Phase 3: The 86 winners from Phase 2 will all compete in a global download contest on Facebook, fueled by a FREE deluxe service package from ReverbNation (an RPK, FanReach Pro, Mega Song Storage and ProWidgets FREE for one year) plus $500 in PROMOTE IT credits to advertise your music and get more fans.
  • Phase 4: A panel of celebrity judges and music industry VIPs will select the top three winners.

The first place winner will be flown to London for the ultimate rock star treatment — including a spot on the bill at Hard Rock Calling 2012. Second and third prize winners will receive $5000 and $2500 respectively, in ReverbNation PROMOTE IT credits.

So what are you waiting for? The deadline for entry is January 17. Here’s the list of participating Hard Rock Cafe locations. If you see a city that’s close to you, click on it and read the details and full rules. Believe me, this is the opportunity of a lifetime and it won’t cost you a dime to give it a try. Enter today!

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  1. Tommy Stokes says:

    I hate talent shows… and, I have allot of friends who work at the Hard Rock where I live, so I’d probably be disqualified anyway… plus, I’m on an odyssey of sorts right now, riding a bicycle across America towing a 400 pound trailer, blogging the journey at Myspace Music as I go along, for to benefit The American Cancer Society in honor of my folks, so, I’m 1,200 miles from home, and can’t go very fast with the rig I’m toting… so, I’ll pass on this one! Good luck to all who enter! After all, talent shows are all about luck!

  2. AlARM GLEN says:

    Well I Love Talent Shows!
    I Want In!!!!

  3. [...] has joined forces with the Hard Rock Cafe to create a series of localized battle-of-the-band competitions.  Anyone with a ReverbNation account is eligible, and song downloads by fans = votes. [...]

  4. [...] has joined forces with the Hard Rock Cafe to create a series of localized battle-of-the-band competitions.  Anyone with a ReverbNation account is eligible, and song downloads by fans = votes. [...]

  5. Jazz says:

    Why are they not doing one in HK?!!

  6. Luis Valdespino says:

    y México?? !!!

  7. Mariana says:

    Hola Luis (perdon por mi espanol malo — soy brasilena), infelizmente, no tenemos ningún control sobre las areas que participan en esta oportunidad. Pero esperemos que, después del éxito de este año, podemos ampliar el mercado el próximo año! Gracias por su paciencia!

  8. Sammy Rece says:

    The Hard Rock Rising competition is NOT Fair to bands in the Brevard County area!!!

    My band GhosTTowN is entered into the Hard Rock Rising competition and in the rules it states that “If you are participating at a cafe located within the US, votes will only be accepted by fans who are located within a 50 mile radius.” Well where my band is located is almost 70 miles away here in Melbourne, FL most of our fanbase is in the Brevard County area so how are any of votes going to count…so what this is essentially saying is that if you have a band in Orlando than you have a better chance of winning this competition because there fan bas eis located in that area…how is that even fair? Please extend the radius to 80+ miles so other bands in this area can at least have a shot at this. We brought over 400 people from this area to the House of Blues back in Sept 2011 from this area and we can even bring more if you give us a shot at this.

  9. Shelly says:

    Actually, Sammy, they changed the rule and now folks just have to be within 100 miles of a participating Hard Rock (in the US) for the vote to count. Thanks for your feedback!

  10. [...] This is going to be a blast and will be major bragging rights for one local band.  Who will be crowned the winner?  That is up to us, but that band could even go all the way, winning a festival gig in London.  Yes, that London.  Curious about the details or if there is a battle in your area?  Reverbnation has all the details. [...]

  11. [...] Back in January, ReverbNation partnered with Hard Rock Cafe to launch an epic global competition. The goal? Narrow down a field of over 12,000 applicants from cities around the world to find the buzziest, most beloved band. The contest started at the local level with 86 download competitions hosted on each participating local Hard Rock Cafe’s Facebook page. Only locals were allowed to vote to ensure we were starting with the best local talent pool available. Then it moved to the live stage. Over 850 semi-finalists geared up and trucked in to Hard Rock locations around the world to perform their hit song and face judging from their peers. For the full details, we wrote a blog post about it. [...]

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