ReverbNation Adds Two New Genres: Spoken Word and Bollywood

We know… it was about time we added more genres to the roster! You’ve spoken (no pun intended. Well, maybe a little) and we’ve listened. If you consider your primary genre Spoken Word or Bollywood, you can now change it. Just go to:

Control Room > My Profile > General Info > Edit > change your Primary Genre.

Thanks for the patience as we continue improving our services!

We’ll leave you with this video of this cool Bollywood Flash Mob in Times Square:

KevinReverbNation Adds Two New Genres: Spoken Word and Bollywood
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Opportunity to Remix 80’s Sensation Jean Beauvoir’s “Feel The Heat”

Jean Beauvoir’s iconic blond mohawk left an impression on the 80s, but his contribution extends far beyond hair fashion. Over his impressive career he’s played with Steve Van Zandt, The Ramones, Kiss, The Pretenders and more rock superstars. And, “Feel The Heat,” his 1986 hit single, sold over 1.5 million copies, topped charts around the globe, and was featured as the main song and trailer soundtrack for Sylvester Stallone’s blockbuster film COBRA. Now Jean Beauvoir has decided to release different versions of his work to give his audience a new flavor, so “Feel The Heat” is now available for you to remix!

For this remix, you will be provided with the vocal tracks only; the instrumentation is completely in your hands. That means that while the original tempo is 103BPM, it can be altered and additional vocal ad-libs can be added. Your creativity and imagination are welcome!

The winning remix (or remixes) will receive worldwide exposure and cool prizes. So have you got the skills? Submit today and find out! (But submit fast because the deadline is April 15th)

KevinOpportunity to Remix 80’s Sensation Jean Beauvoir’s “Feel The Heat”
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