Facebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You

You may have heard about Facebook’s recent changes to your page. Timeline is now available to all Facebook Fan Pages. But don’t panic as you have until March 30th to redesign your page and officially publish it when it’s ready.

If you switch to Timeline now, do it knowingly since you can’t go back to the old design.  Also, keep in mind that if you have Band Profile app or Venue Profile app, when you switch, they will no longer be your landing page. Facebook gives you until March 30th to preview and explore the new design. Use the time wisely!

So what does the Timeline mean to bands and venues? We’re doing a complete review and will post more updates as soon as Facebook announces them.

For now, this is what we know.

1) Cover photo: Just like your personal Facebook page, you can now have a big photo (851p x 315 pixels) besides your profile picture. We suggest you make good use of it by using images that best represent your personality and the style of your music.

2) Landing page: You will no longer have a default landing page of your choice. Instead, everyone will always land on your Timeline. So if your fans want to listen to your music, watch your videos, find out about concert dates, you can (and should) share the direct link to your Band/Venue Profile on your website, blog, and put it in your page’s About section. Your fans can also click on the Band/Venue Profile tab, as shown below:

3) Tabs: The tabs, which used to be under the profile picture, are now under the big and shiny cover photo. The ‘Photos’ tab is fixed in place, but you can change the other three around. To make Band Profile a feature tab, click on the dropdown menu next to the 4th tab, click the Pencil icon, and choose the tab you would Band Profile to “switch positions with,” as shown below:


4) Message: The new cool thing about Timeline is that your fans can personally send you a message, much like the way it works on a personal Facebook page. Once they message you, you can message them back, so this is a great way to improve and expand the fan-musician relationship.


5) Highlight: Another cool update on Facebook is the ability to highlight your stories. A highlight will make the pictures and videos  larger and more eye-catching.

6) Pin:  You can also pin the story to the top of your Timeline for up to a week (but we believe you can re-pin it again). This is a great opportunity for musicians and venues alike to feature new songs, concert dates, photos and videos.  To do this, click the pencil icon in the upper right of the post and select Pin to Top.


On March 12th, we launched a suite of cool apps for artists and venues to install on their Timeline. These apps will take fan interaction to a whole new level! Read more about ReverbNation’s apps for Facebook Timeline on this blog post.

Follow us on Twitter for updates or email us at support@reverbnation.com and we’ll try to help as much we can!

KevinFacebook Timeline for Pages: What Does It Mean For You
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ReverbNation Participates in Facebook Offers Beta Program to Get More Fans Out to Shows

Facebook Offers allow businesses to post free offers for fans on their Facebook Pages. Recognizing that this would be an awesome tool for our venues to get more fans out to shows, we have created offers for two venues: Double Door in Chicago and The Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood.

Facebook Offer by The Roxy

So far, the results have been very positive.  Since the offers went live, Double Door’s 2-for-1 ticket offer for their March 3rd show has been claimed by 652 people and The Roxy Theatre’s offer of $5 in free Roxy Bucks has been claimed by 3,433 people!

Says Tonya Cooke of The Roxy Theatre, “We love working with ReverbNation because they are always on top of the next big thing in social promotion.  We always want to experiment with new Facebook products and Facebook Offers has been a great tool to generate viral promotion for our venue.”

As Facebook opens up Facebook Offers to all businesses, look for ReverbNation to include it in our products and Facebook apps. After all, more people going out to more shows, mean more new fans listening to you play live!


KevinReverbNation Participates in Facebook Offers Beta Program to Get More Fans Out to Shows
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