Does Your Band Want to Go on Tour This Summer?!

Do you and your band want a great opportunity to perform for hundreds of music-loving teens (the most fanatic tastemakers and spenders) and get paid for it? This is it!

Camplified is booking their Summer 2012 tour line-up and they want at least three ReverbNation artists to play on three performance dates each on this summer’s tour! Are you going to be one of them? Click here for details on how YOU can get your music out to summer camps across the country!

Check out last summer’s promo video so you can have a feel for it:

KevinDoes Your Band Want to Go on Tour This Summer?!
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ReverbNation Launches Facebook Apps, Helps Musicians Rock the Timeline

With Facebook’s new timeline layout for pages, we recognized that artists needed a new model for fan engagement. One that made it easy for fans to find what they want in an instant — music, show schedules, merch and more.

So we designed a set of compelling, simple tools that give you the flexibility to customize your timeline with function-specific app buttons! Think of it like a smartphone home screen. Click Play to get to your music. The Watch app links straight to your videos. Fans want to subscribe to your email list? Now they just click Join. Rounding out the set, Shop, Schedule and Download let fans quickly find your merch, your schedule and your mp3 downloads.


Smart for you. Easy for your fans. And it’s a snap to get started. In fact, if you already have Band Profile you’ll notice that we’ve changed the icon to “Play,” inviting every visitor to hear your tracks. Want the other apps as well? It’s as easy as clicking here.

If you’re not one of the millions of musicians that have Band Profile, no worries. Get it and all the other apps here!

*Simulated example of a band Timeline

UPDATE: Venues, you know we’ve got your back. Download Facebook Apps for your venue now!

Stay tuned as we continue to find more ways to help artists and venues take advantage of Facebook Timeline!

KevinReverbNation Launches Facebook Apps, Helps Musicians Rock the Timeline
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