Does Your Band Want to Go on Tour This Summer?!

by Liz Moy on March 12, 2012 · Comments

Do you and your band want a great opportunity to perform for hundreds of music-loving teens (the most fanatic tastemakers and spenders) and get paid for it? This is it!

Camplified is booking their Summer 2012 tour line-up and they want at least three ReverbNation artists to play on three performance dates each on this summer’s tour! Are you going to be one of them? Click here for details on how YOU can get your music out to summer camps across the country!

Check out last summer’s promo video so you can have a feel for it:


  1. New Dimention we are ready for tour na you watct na yu go tire.

  2. Hey it would be awesome to play on this tour we are just getting back out in the sence and we have an awesome line up how do we get in.

  3. Neal says:

    @Death Assembly

    You can apply as long as you have ReverbPressKits at any time in your Control Room — Opportunities of your ReverbNation profile, or by following this link:

  4. liklemystic says:

    watch the flex i might even unleach the mystymove and get it registered at reverbnation

  5. Kanibal says:

    I would love to go ontour

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