ReverbNation Launches Facebook Apps, Helps Musicians Rock the Timeline

by Liz Moy on March 12, 2012 · Comments

With Facebook’s new timeline layout for pages, we recognized that artists needed a new model for fan engagement. One that made it easy for fans to find what they want in an instant — music, show schedules, merch and more.

So we designed a set of compelling, simple tools that give you the flexibility to customize your timeline with function-specific app buttons! Think of it like a smartphone home screen. Click Play to get to your music. The Watch app links straight to your videos. Fans want to subscribe to your email list? Now they just click Join. Rounding out the set, Shop, Schedule and Download let fans quickly find your merch, your schedule and your mp3 downloads.


Smart for you. Easy for your fans. And it’s a snap to get started. In fact, if you already have Band Profile you’ll notice that we’ve changed the icon to “Play,” inviting every visitor to hear your tracks. Want the other apps as well? It’s as easy as clicking here.

If you’re not one of the millions of musicians that have Band Profile, no worries. Get it and all the other apps here!

*Simulated example of a band Timeline

UPDATE: Venues, you know we’ve got your back. Download Facebook Apps for your venue now!

Stay tuned as we continue to find more ways to help artists and venues take advantage of Facebook Timeline!


  1. danny says:

    All these apps are great for the bands but what aboutstuff for the venues to help promote, the bands and Reverbnation!

  2. biggsteel says:

    i’ll be the champion whenever i wanna be the champion

  3. Mariana says:

    Hi Danny — an update for venues is coming very soon!

  4. Who can defeat the sword of the lud’ sog

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  6. Clifford says:

    Good looking out…thanks

  7. Looking great, we will test it soon. Thanks. I hope we can kick root music’s ass now.

  8. Frank Prazer says:

    Cool looking forward to it. Well done reverbnation

  9. sanusi says:


  10. steven kent says:

    I’m having trouble installing the new apps. It says they are downloaded but aren’t pulling any information or appearing on my pages. When I try to add or manage apps in appearance it’s not allowing me to sign into Reverbnation via the link. I have one app the band profile working but the reset are not. (the sync to facebook doesn’t appear to be working properly, i have to manually update my facebook friends) Please help, Thanks.

  11. msparrelli says:

    I love reverbnation and everything it does to help independent artist.. Thank you soo much

  12. Jared says:

    “Who can defeat the sword of the lud’ sog”

    I think we’re all wondering the same thing, really.

  13. Rosie Sutherland says:

    Just wanted to make a correction on the band Conjunto Kafe. The band leader & owner was the late Kike Colon. Not Mike Colon. Ray Carbo is the lead singer.Would appreciate it very much if you would correct this. I’m his sister so it would mean a lot to our family if this is corrected immediately. Thank you so much.

  14. Tyler Larson says:

    I like the new Timeline tools. I’m excited to see the development of these new artist tools as Timeline progresses.

  15. This looks good very cool

  16. Stephen says:

    Why do these apps allow the app to log into all my pages, comment as me, view all my stats. Fuck that man. Ill promo my band my way.

  17. Thom Kellar says:

    Does this let you hook into existing mailing list and can it integrate with soundcloud?

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  19. Ron says:

    Great, now as soon as you can do it without me having to allow it unnecessary, unwanted control over my accounts and information, I might actually use it! Why does it need to “have access to all pages” I admin if I’m only using it on one? Why do I have to allow it to “post as me” or “use any of my information, even when not logged in” for it just to show people what I’ve already made available elsewhere?

  20. Thanks for the apps — after changing out the default icons, these really look great on my page.
    …and really glad to see the controls to compel LIKEs and SHAREs before accessing the full media.

    The only thing “wrong” with these apps is that they require installation to ALL of our pages, and not just our music page. This is far over-reaching and completely unnecessary to the functioning of an app…

  21. F.B. isn’t that short for FBI ? And does that not answer why FB always wants more info.And could that be that when you upload to FB,what you just uploaded is now free for FB to use to their profit and not yours.Read the fine print.And everyone who wants to know anything about any of us already have found out if they were interested.The world is a open Book.Smile you know your being watched.

  22. Neal says:

    @Thom Kellar

    Hi Thom

    The mailing list feature is still only integrated with ReverbNation’s own mailing list management software, FanReach. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  24. [...] maker of Band Profile, announced a suite of new apps for specific functions. The icons for these apps take advantage of the larger [...]

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  26. Mariana says:

    Hi Steven – are you still having trouble installing the apps? If so, please email ; make sure to include a link to your ReverbNation profile. Thanks!

  27. Mariana says:

    Ron – Unfortunately, the manage pages permission is a general permission. I can ask a user for manage pages, but not for manage a specific page. This is a Facebook limitation, not a limitation of ReverbNation.

  28. Mariana says:

    Stephen – Same thing we told Ron goes to you. We’d just want to make it clear that this is a Facebook limitation, not a limitation of ReverbNation.

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  30. Nick says:

    That sounds amazing! Reverb Nation continues to pioneer the music industry!!

  31. Mariana says:

    Thank you Nick!

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  33. Nelza Info says:

    So cold this article

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