Your New ReverbNation: Slick, Modern, Social

You may have already noticed ReverbNation’s slick new look. After months of testing with thousands of ReverbNation Artists, we’ve tweaked, changed and improved the site to reflect all the great feedback we got. You’ll see updates to your profile pages as well as the general experience for anyone browsing ReverbNation. It’s live right now for all users, so please go check out the new ReverbNation. During this beta period you’ll still be able to swap back to the ‘old ReverbNation’— but why would you want to? Read below for the highlights.

1. Updated look and feel

Focused on the things that are most important to Artists, like getting new fans and sharing music.

2. The new enhanced ReverbNation music player

With an advanced queue, built in sharing, and support for playback on iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad.


3. Seamless Facebook integration

It is now easier for fans to share your music with their friends.

And as a bonus, Featured Artists now have prime real estate on ReverbNation’s home page!

Featured Artists on ReverbNation's page

How’s it all come together? Take a look below at the new Artist profile page…then check out We always strive to improve the experience of our Artists and the fans who support them, so please stay tuned for more updates and feature releases in the near future.

ReverbNation's new profile

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KevinYour New ReverbNation: Slick, Modern, Social

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