How One Band Got to SXSW Powered by Veggie Oil (Video)

When we met the bands at SXSW, we were curious to find out how they got to Austin. Some flew, some drove and some flew and drove (like the 4-piece band Mr. Bleat all the way from Medellin, Colombia). Others, like the rock band from Long Island, Blameshift, used a more unconventional method of transportation — a method that serves as an example for many on-a-budget touring bands out there: the super economical veggie oil bus. Watch the video for a tour on the bus and a small impromptu performance, then read what Blameshift members have to say about the life of a veggie oil bus owner.

We bought a Ford E350 Diesel Shuttle Bus off of Craigslist a few years ago. We found out that Diesel vehicles are capable of running on veggie oil, so we started looking into it. We ended up driving out to Salt Lake City on a tour and had the bus converted out there. We bought a 70 gallon tank which we house in the bus itself. We use a pump to transfer the used vegetable oil from the dumpsters behind restaurants to our tank. On a full tank we can drive 700 miles. It took us about 2 years of solid trial and error to perfect the art of veggie oil finding and filtering. It definitely is not easy, but with a lot of determination we now have it down to a science. It’s a great feeling for us as an independent band to be able to drive coast to coast on less than $100 and not participate in increased gas demands and rising prices. It really has allowed us the freedom to be able to tour full time which is our ultimate goal. We have logged over 100,000 miles in this bus… and counting.

Watch the full performance and other SXSW videos on our YouTube ReverbNation channel! Read our past blog posts on SXSW! More videos coming soon.

KevinHow One Band Got to SXSW Powered by Veggie Oil (Video)
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Perform for Thousands of People at Earth Day Event in Washington, D.C.

On April 22nd, hundreds of thousands of people from around the world will go to the National Mall in Washington DC to participate in Earth Day. This event will be the centerpiece of Earth Day in the United States and will feature music, entertainment, celebrity speakers and environmental activities.

How can you be part of it? This year, the organizers Earth Day Network (EDN) are looking for one ReverbNation artist to perform at the event! This is your chance to perform to thousands of people — not to mention you can be surrounded by A-list musical talent as well as prominent speakers and celebrities. Past performers include Sting, John Legend, Joss Stone, The Roots, Robert Randolph, The Flaming Lips, Passion Pit, and many more. 

Did I mention it’s free to apply? Submit now for this amazing opportunity. It ends on April 15th.

The crowd at Earth Day at National Mall


KevinPerform for Thousands of People at Earth Day Event in Washington, D.C.
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