Get in the Game! Fox Sports & ESPN Want High-energy Tracks for TV

Music makes everything better and sports are no exception. That’s why White Knight Music Group, Inc. and Pulse Records USA turned to Reverb to find a complement  game day action on Fox Sports and ESPN — we’re talking Total Access NFLNBANASCARFormula 1 GP – Domestic and InternationalNFL Films,Spike TV and SPEED programming. Enter and be one of two Reverb artists guaranteed a spot and your music could be placed in a highlight reel like ReverbNation artist Avery Watts, with his song “A Cut Above” in this NFL Highlight Reel seen here: (you’ll need to watch an ad before the video starts, but it’s worth it!)

If you think you’ve got what it takes, check out the criteria below — the must-have checklist for consideration:

— Take your best shot: Your track must be well-produced, professional and ready for inclusion in a television programming.

— Skip the ballads: They’re looking for super high-energy music that’s appropriate for televised game day action.

— Don’t skimp: Bands must have a high-quality vocal and instrumental matching tracks available.

— Do it yourself: Artists must own all copyrights. Please no samples or covers.

Hey — and take heart. Even if you’re not selected for this opportunity, your track may be considered for future licensing opportunities. Don’t wait — get in the game and submit now!


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KevinGet in the Game! Fox Sports & ESPN Want High-energy Tracks for TV

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