Looking for Artists on the Verge: Nominations Now Underway

We’ve got a unique opportunity to nominate ReverbNation artists that are set to break to the New Music Seminar’s “Top 100 Artists on the Verge” chart — the most comprehensive chart to date for emerging artists in America.

Every year, New Music Seminar (NMS) hand crafts this chart to promote artists who are already picking up steam, helping them break through the noise and get the national recognition they deserve. Many of the artists chosen for the chart will perform at the 2012 NMS New York Music Festival, June 17th-21st.

The NMS delegates will choose the winning artist on the last day of the conference. In addition to the unparalleled exposure, the winning band gets more than $200,000 in marketing, promotion, music equipment and consultations from some of the top industry leaders.

NMS’s mission to create a music business in which artists can rise to their highest potential based solely on merit, “fits perfectly with ours here at Reverb — artist first,” said Mike Doernberg, ReverbNation CEO and a panelist at the Seminar in New York. “That’s why we’re delighted to be a part of both the Seminar and Artists on the Verge.”

Submit to be nominated here.

KevinLooking for Artists on the Verge: Nominations Now Underway
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Interview with Daria Musk, the Queen of Google+ Hangouts

If you’ve heard of Google+ Hangouts, you’ve probably heard or seen Daria Musk. A Reverb artist since 2008, Daria pioneered the use of Google+ Hangouts for musicians when she hosted an 8-hour hangout concert last August (a month before will.i.am from Black Eyed Peas hosted his). On this impromptu interview in front of Kingdom Club in Austin, TX, Daria tells us about her SXSW experience and how the whole Google+ Hangouts experience happened in the first place. She also told us her favorite color.

Much like everything else that goes down at SXSW, I ran into Daria by total chance while walking on the busy streets of Austin. Her bubbly, outgoing and energetic personality made our connection that much better. I’m proud to say we became BFFs for a night.

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KevinInterview with Daria Musk, the Queen of Google+ Hangouts
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