Sync Licensing Successes: Maxim Photo Shoot, 21 Jump Street featurette, UFC 3, more

Influential music supervisors continue to enjoy and place music from the ReverbNation Music library into TV shows, promos, video games and more. This Maxim photo shoot of Siren Levin Rambin (Hunger Games) features the song “California” from LA’s Ivan Ives, a touring hip-hop lyricist who Rolling Stone, SPIN, URB and CMJ have all spotlighted in their competitive “Artists To Watch” editions. Ivan has earned over half a million YouTube hits of his videos since 2008 – independently. See how this bright talent weaves hook-and-verse seamlessly into musical symmetry in our featured video:

Ivan Ives – Maxim shoot for Siren Levin Rambin (of “Hunger Games”)

Congratulations to all of the following ReverbNation artists for their recent placements on:


21 Jump Street Featurette Vandevander
It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gina Cutillo
Restaurant ImpossibleThe Karen Curious Band
Restaurant ImpossibleDouglas Cameron
Face OffGood Looking Animals
Lost GirlTori Sparks
Anthany Bourdain: No ReservationsMatt “Melodious” Coe


Saints Row 3Michael Holland, Jason Donnelly, The Collins Brothers Band, Wordsmith, Tone B!, Cirious and Deelux, Falling Blind
UFC 3 – World Vs Me, Wordsmith, Kidd Russell, Tone B!, Howee, High Tolerance, Wunda845, Cirious and Deelux, Mellow Dramatic

Sync Placements

How can I get involved with Sync Licensing?

ReverbNation and APM Music regularly invite new artists to participate in the Song Licensing Program. Invites are sent out to ReverbNation artists who are active users of the site, have complete profiles, and whose music fits what music supervisors are seeking. To learn more about the program, visit


KevinSync Licensing Successes: Maxim Photo Shoot, 21 Jump Street featurette, UFC 3, more
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