Hip Hop artists: Wanna get a feature on iHipHopMusic.com?

iHipHopMusic.com, in partnership with ReverbNation, is looking for the freshest artists out there to feature on their site!

As THE place for Hip Hop news, features and reviews, iHipHopMusic has been featured on BET.com, named one of the best websites on the net in 2010 by Infolinks, and currently holds the number one spot for Hip Hop music blog on both Google and Bing (they’ve held that last title for over four years). And now they’re offering hard-working urban artists a way up a chance to get some press on a totally legit blog. With over 38,000 visitors per day, iHipHopMusic represents an amazing opportunity for new ears to hear your tracks!

So yeah, if I were you, I’d stop reading and click here to submit your RPK to the Hip Hop Music promoters!

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KevinHip Hop artists: Wanna get a feature on iHipHopMusic.com?

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