ReverbNation rock band selected for new Dodge Dart commercial

After two months going through a couple rounds of online voting, competing against hundreds of other talented artists, and crafting just the perfect song, Michael Williams Band has been crowned the winner of the Dodge “Inspired By You” contest! Along with the free promotion and the worldwide exposure, this kickass rock band from L.A. will get the amazing opportunity to have their song featured in a new commercial featuring the All-New 2013 Dodge Dart.

If you haven’t had the pleasure to listen to Michael Williams, the lead singer and guitarist who is known for combining blistering guitar licks and intense performance energy with soulful songwriting and a dynamic voice, take the time to do it now. Here’s what Rock’s Back Pages has to say about the band:

“Imagine if Jimi Hendrix came out of Texas. That’s what you’ve got in Mike Williams, lead singer, guitarist, powerhouse. The kind of performer who makes you scream. He’s just outrageous… Williams is the real deal: raw rock power, great voice, powerful stage presence… anything you hear on the record is ten times wilder, heavier and more intense onstage.” read more…

Congrats also to the runners up bands!

Bungled and Botched, bluegrass band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

If Birds Could Fly, folk band from Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

If you like what you hear, make sure to send kudos to your fellow musicians in the comments below!

KevinReverbNation rock band selected for new Dodge Dart commercial
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Opportunities on Tap: Amplified fest, Papercut mag, comedic blogs and more!

Open for National Act at the Amplified Global Music Fest 2012

In the North Carolina area? Get the exclusive chance through ReverbNation to perform at LABEL, Charlotte’s newest night club, and open for a national recording artist at the AMPLIFIED Global Music Festival. The best part is that travel and hotel accommodations will be paid for by AMPED 4-A-Cure, Inc.

This international cancer music marathon was created by AMPED 4-A-Cure, Inc and on October 13, 2012, thousands of musicians of all genres worldwide will perform in their home cities to raise money for cancer research. The goal is to raise more than $500,000 for research regarding early detection and prevention.

Do you want to make a difference with your music? 

Get Featured in Papercut Magazine

Do you have original music and style? What makes you unique? Papercut Magazine wants to find fresh faces, new sounds, and rising talent thru ReverbNation to feature in its upcoming issues!

Hey slice, don’t miss this opportunity >>

Comedian Dave Hill Podcast and Blog Feature

Does your music push the limits? Is it cutting edge? Then, get reviewed by the one and only Dave Hill. I’ll let the man himself give you the skinny on his opportunity.

“Hello. This is your man Dave Hill- comedian, rock person, man of letters, highly-boneable public figure and much more- with a message of great importance.  Submit your band into my sweet contest and I will totally listen to your band, judge you without mercy, bop my head around a little (if I like it), give you the finger (if I don’t like it), and quite possibly even attempt to have intercourse while listening to your music (I need you to be cool with that). In the end, I shall pick a winner and that winner, which is to say the band that I decide is the best ever basically, will be glorified in the form of me writing a lengthy and profanity-laced entry about them on my website (the most popular website on the Internet pretty much) and also featuring them on my wildly popular podcast, Dave Hill’s Podcasting Incident (the best podcast and I’m not even kidding).”

Get your kicks and giggles >>

Live Performance Review & Feature Spotlight

Would you like to improve your live show? wants to help! Get specific recommendations, creative concepts, and useable advice for you and your band to become a success every time you perform onstage. Onstage Success producers have worked with Taylor Swift, Jars of Clay, The Band Perry, Francesca Battistelli, & more.

Fine-tune your live show  >>

Don’t want to miss out on upcoming opportunities?

Here are four ways you can stay up-to-date on our latest gigs. We recommend using all of them to ensure nothing gets missed!:

  • Follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook
  • Check the email updates we send you
  • Check the latest Opportunities on this page
  • Go to your Control Room on your Reverb page > click “Opportunities”
KevinOpportunities on Tap: Amplified fest, Papercut mag, comedic blogs and more!
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New HTML5 Widgets: Show Schedule, Press and Video Player

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know HTML5 is where everything is going. Today, all smartphone-optimized mobile web applications are supported by HTML5. And soon enough, mobile users will surpass desktop users. With that in mind and to ensure that you get only the best through ReverbNation, we’ve developed HTML5 versions of your favorite widgets: Music Player, Fan Collector, and today we present you… the HMTL5 widgets for show schedule, press and videos!

Go ahead and get started using any or all HTML5 widgets by going to your Reverb page → Get Widgets (under Quick Actions)

Why HTML5 widgets?

  • Work on mobile 
  • Easy to create, manage and use
  • Re-sizeable 
  • Configurable 

HTML5 Show Schedule Widget

What’s new with the new HTML5 Show widget: you can easily set it up to show a tour map map (or not show it, if that’s what you’re into) and decide the size of the widget . Your fans can see show details and share your show with friends from any device.

HTML5 Press Widget

Got a great review on that last gig you played? Show it off on your site or blog for everyone to see! Add press clippings, reviews, blog blurbs, or anything people are saying about your band to any other website. Easy to set up for you and cool to see and share for your fans.

HMTL5 Video Player

The new HTML5 Video Player widget is so freakin cool. You can customize it, place it on a website and then stream both Vimeo and YouTube video to your fans. They’re gonna love it. The widget is designed to work with all devices (that means iPhone, Android, desktops, laptops, and *your mama’s TV from the 50s*). *No, not really.

Go ahead and get started using any or all HTML5 widgets by going to your Reverb page → Get Widgets (under Quick Actions)

After you grab and post the widgets on your website or blog, post a link in the comments below for us to take a peek!

KevinNew HTML5 Widgets: Show Schedule, Press and Video Player
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Breaking Artists #1: Highlighting winners of performances and feature opportunities

Do you ever wonder who submits to those opportunities you see in your email inbox every week? Do you wonder who gets picked to perform or chosen for a feature? We thought you might so starting this month, we’ll pick a sampling of those artists and send out a new, monthly Breaking Artists newsletter along with this nice and shiny blog post you’re reading right now. The whole Reverb community will get the newsletter (all 2,000,000+ of them). Yep, it’s kind of a big deal.

Please, support your fellow musicians by listening to their music and sending them kudos in the comments!

PS: Breaking Artists are selected by Reverb staff. Increase your chances of being one of them by submitting to opportunities here >>

Maren Morris

Singer/songwriter Maren Morris was named “Artist On The Verge” by the esteemed New Music Seminar (NMS), beating 99 other talented artists.

“It was all around a great experience. (…) I thank ReverbNation for giving me the opportunity to be discovered by NMS in the first place!” 

Listen and download Maren’s track Best of Me.

Veilside, Losing Scarlet, and The Heroes Lie

Hard rock bands Veilside (above), Losing Scarlet, and The Heroes Lie played the ReverbNation stage at WIIL Rock Fest 2012. Veilside told us they were honored to be asked back to WIIL Rock’s annual Rock Fest, this year celebrating 20 years of the Radio Station by sharing the stage with 20+ of their favorite acts like, Black Stone Cherry, Texas Hippie Coalition, Fear Factory, Saving Able, Static X, and much more. Listen to Veilside’s Dust in The Wind, Losing Scarlet’s Learning to Bleed, and The Heroes Lie’s I Am a Fighter below.

Late Cambrian

Brooklyn indie rock band Late Cambrian performed at LUCKYRICE Festival 2012 in NYC! Here’s what they have to say about the experience: “We entered the LUCKYRICE Contest a few days after we joined ReverbNation. The head of LUCKYRICE said he listened to over 250 bands before choosing us. It was an honor really! The Festival itself was amazing. Some of the most delicious food we’ve ever tasted! They gave us free passes to 3 of the 5 nights of Luckyrice. Our show, on an outside stage, under the Manhattan Bridge was an awesome thing to be a part of. It was professionally run and we sold a bunch of CDs.”

“Thank you ReverbNation for connecting us with the contest… It was one of the highlights of our time as a band.”

Listen and download Late Cambrian’s track I Gave You My Limit.


Brooklyn-based guitarist and producer D.V.S* performed at the 2012 Gathering of the Vibes’ Silent Disco. This year’s lineup included big acts like The Avett Brothers, Yonder Mountain String Band, Keller Williams, and ALO. Definitely sounds like a good crowd to be part of! Listen to D.V.S*’s Shortness of Breath.

Herukhuti Ausar

North Carolina rapper Herukhuti Ausar opened up a SOLD OUT SHOW for Logic and Tayyib Ali at The Roxy in LA! He said: “It was great! I really enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with the Roxy crowd. I got a real good vibe from there and the fans let us know that they enjoyed the performance. GREAT ENERGY!!” Listen to Herukhuti Ausar’s track Carolina:

Eitch, 4onthefloor, Sumilan

Eitch played at Wakarusa Music Festival this year (last year she went as a fan and promised herself she would do everything in her power to play there this year). “I honestly believe that if it weren’t for [ReverbNation’s] update in my inbox, it may have never come to my attention that Wakarusa was gathering their artists in time for me to act.” 

“ReverbNation was definitely the catalyst in making a dream come true.” 

Along with Eitch, 4onthefloor and Sumilan also got the amazing opportunity to play at Wakarusa Festival this past month! Listen to Eitch’s Sun and Moon, 4onthefloor’s On Tuesday, and Sumilan’s How Now Does It Feel below.

The Nearly Deads, One Days Notice, Zak Smith, Slave To The Day

The grunge rock band from Nashville, The Nearly Deads, got a feature in Substream Music Press.

Pop rock band One Days Notice opened for The Offspring at House of Blues Cleveland. “We had an AWESOME time! The Offspring, the crowd, and the House of Blues staff were GREAT!”

NJ rock band Zak Smith opened for Carbon Leaf at Brooklyn Bowl. “It was awesome playing at Brooklyn Bowl with Carbon Leaf, who are an unbelievable band. It’s by far one of the greatest venues to play in NY.” Photo by Vernon Webb.

Metal band Slave To The Day played Dirt Fest 2012 in Birch Run, MI.

Listen to The Nearly Deads’ The Perfect Cure, One Days Notice’s Shake It Out (free download), Zak Smith’s Crawling (free download), and Slaves To The Day’s The Waking below.

Congrats to all of August’s “Breaking” Artists!

Don’t want to miss out on next opportunity?

There are four ways you can use to stay up-to-date on the latest gigs (we recommend using all of them to ensure nothing gets missed!):

  • Follow our updates on Twitter and Facebook
  • Check the email updates we send you
  • Check the latest Opportunities on this page
  • Go to your Control Room on your Reverb page > click “Opportunities”

So, where’s your next gig?

KevinBreaking Artists #1: Highlighting winners of performances and feature opportunities
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Opportunities on Tap: Toyota short film, Bud and Roach show, and EDM’s Big Gigantic!

Toyota wants YOU for a Short Film Feature

Calling all bands from Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Alabama! Don’t hit the brakes on your chance to be in Toyota’s new web short film that will be used on the Internet for one full year. The best part is that production comes to you! Production will coordinate a two-day shoot in your hometown and you’ll get paid $4,000. Ready to go from zero to 60? >>

Interview with The Bud and Roach Show

We’re not just blowing smoke! The Bud and Roach Show wants to feature YOUR music and interview you on their live online radio broadcast. Your music will also be played during the week leading up to the interview on their classic morning show, The Wake and Bake. You or your band will get added exposure with a feature on their home page!

Check out this potent opportunity! >>

Big Gigantic at Wanee Music Festival

Open for Big Gigantic at Yoderfest

This is your chance to open for one of EDM’s hottest artists, Big Gigantic! Yoderfest, held in local music mecca Raleigh, NC, begins as a high-energy day party at Deep South the Bar and ends at the highly popular, Lincoln Theatre with performances by Big Gigantic & Crizzly.

The one-day festival was created by the friends and family of Chris Yoder. The festival is held in memory of the young and dedicated music fan, who passed away in 2011.

Donate your time to be a part of this music celebration. >>

KevinOpportunities on Tap: Toyota short film, Bud and Roach show, and EDM’s Big Gigantic!
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We need your vote to send our panelists to SXSW 2013!

Vote to send our expert panelists to Austin!

I know, it may seem that South By Southwest Festival was the other day, but believe it or not, we already have our eyes on next year’s festival. Our team has proposed two cutting-edge panel topics to lead at SXSW this coming March… they just need your vote (yeah, I’m talking to you) to get to Austin! ReverbNation staffers have led panels at SXSW for the past three years and are looking forward to making it four straight!

Follow the links below and give us “thumbs up” for our panel suggestions. Voting ends on August 31st, so please take a moment and vote for us if you can. Anyone may vote. You don’t have to be attending the festival, or even live in the United States! You may vote for both topics.

Why Artist Development Matters: Then and Now by Victoria Camera (ReverbNation) and Jason Lekberg (Eleven Seven Music)

Artist Development is a second thought at the major labels as they rely more and more on hit singles at Radio and on iTunes. But to have a long term successful career, you need artist development to grow your fan base. This panel will talk about all the key elements in artist development.

Link to vote:

Ditch the Headliner! Big Brands Need Small Guys by Glenn Goldman (ReverbNation)

Brands have traditionally focused on soliciting support from big-name spokespeople for marketing campaigns. The assumption was that paying a lot of money for the right spokesperson was worthwhile due to their embedded network and social status — people ‘look up’ to celebrities because they want to be like them. This panel will reorient this old school logic by concentrating the core ideas and scaling it vertically for larger reach. We’ll propose solutions to attract more fans with less money by empowering the long tail. We’ll learn how to maximize the potential of small groups. The panel looks at the formation of social nodes and identifying the ‘social leaders’. We’ll discuss how non-monetary motivators can solicit better engagement than money. We’ll go in depth on the variety of technical tools available for this approach, including the use of Facebook developer tools and the Facebook API.

Link to vote:


KevinWe need your vote to send our panelists to SXSW 2013!
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Opportunities on Tap: Florida Auditions for THE VOICE and a Dream DIY Recording Package

These are the opportunities knocking this week!

Audition for NBC TV’s The Voice

Guess what Florida? The Voice auditions are coming to you! You could be reviewed by Talent Producer for NBC TV’s The Voice and audition for the show’s upcoming season.

Dominick J. Centi, CEO and Founder of Driven Entertainment Group, tells us, “We look forward to auditioning a handful of talented and ambitious ReverbNation artists for the upcoming season of The Voice.”


Win a “DIY-Dream Recording Package” from SeagateCreative

Do you have the hit songs but simply need the right equipment to record them? SeagateCreative will give one exceptional band the gear to make it happen!

Check out the loot:

  • MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2.2GHz quad-core Intel Core i7)
  • Avid ProTools 10 Software: The industry standard. Record, edit, and mix high-quality music at the speed of your creativity.
  • Avid Mbox Pro audio interface: The highest quality, most flexible personal recording systems ever.
  • Two Seagate 3TB Backup Plus Desktop Drives: The leader in storage for creativity.

The winning band will also receive a personal critique of their latest recorded music by four of today’s most admired producers/musicians:

  • Joe Chiccarelli (U2, Young the Giant, The Strokes, My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes)
  • Mike Green (All Time Low, Paramore, Breathe Carolina, Set Your Goals, Chamillionaire, Good Charlotte)
  • Andrew “Mudrock” Murdock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Alice Cooper)
  • Chris Vrenna (Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails, Tweaker, Killing Joke, Evanescence, Cold).

KevinOpportunities on Tap: Florida Auditions for THE VOICE and a Dream DIY Recording Package
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7 Ways to Build Music Business Contacts

This guest blog post was written by Marcus Taylor, founder of The Musician’s Guidea website that helps DIY musicians learn about the insides of the music industry, and download useful resources including music business contracts and contact lists.

We all know that “who you know” and “being in the right place at the right time” play an important role in attaining success as an artist. What we often forget, though, is that we’re the ones responsible for building those connections.

While researching the intricacies of how successful people network for my book last year, my co-writer Rob and I noticed that for two people to meet, they must go through a 3-stage process.

First of all, they must be aligned in the same space at the same time, either geographically (e.g. in the same room) or virtually (e.g. on Twitter). Secondly, they must connect through some form of introduction, and finally they must engage in deeper conversation to create a long-term relationship.

In this post I want to focus on those first two points, and share with you seven tips to help you meet more music business contacts (I’d write a post on how to engage in deeper conversation but I figured you already know how to do that ;)). 

1. Know who you want to meet but remain open to meeting others

The first step to meeting more of the right people is knowing who you’re trying to meet. Are you looking to meet publishers, record label managers, or music venue promoters?

When you know who it is you’re trying to meet, you can start to think about where they spend their time (both geographically and virtually), and what opportunities exist for you to be in the right place and time to meet them. If, for example, your band could really do with a more gigs in New York City, you can begin to identify the places where New York venue promoters hang out online and in the real world.

That said, never be afraid to go off course and meet people who may not seem to bear obvious opportunity right now. They might be of great use to you in the future.

“Build your network before you need it” – Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone 

2. Make an effort to meet other bands & ask for introductions

Let’s say that you did want to meet music venue promoters in New York City. In my experience, one of the best ways to meet venue promoters is to simply turn up to music venues and ask the bands performing to introduce you to the promoter. You may have to prearrange meeting up with the performers before their set, but this approach is incredibly effective as it differs to how most bands approach venue promoters, and the introduction from the performer acts as a recommendation.

If you went to two or three gigs a week you’d be surprised at how quickly you could fill up your gig calendar.

3. Attend music business conferences

When I’ve attended music business conferences in the past, I’ve been surprised by how few bands choose to attend. Sure, the entry fees are generally quite steep, but if you take into account the fact that these events are usually swarming with label managers, publishers, and music promotion companies, it’s almost certainly worth the investment if you’re willing to get out and build those connections.

4. Join local music business Meetups

If you’re not already using to build connections, I thoroughly recommend giving it a shot. In most major cities you’ll find various musician Meetups that offer great networking opportunities. If you can’t find anything nearby, consider creating a music industry Meetup in your area and inviting local music companies to come and share ideas over a coffee or beer.

5. Use Twitter to break the ice

Twitter is one of the most efficient and effective ways to break the ice with music business professionals. Almost every serious record label, booking agent, and music companies will have a presence on Twitter, so it’s a great platform to start building these relationships.

Familiarize yourself with the advanced search operators on and create separate lists to keep track of which companies you’re trying to meet (click on image for help on how to create Twitter lists)

6. Show your gratitude

This may seem like a slightly strange tip, but bear with me. If you pick a music company, radio station, music blog, or website that you enjoy once a day and send them a quick email to say thanks for doing what they do, you will build contacts very quickly.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it” William Arthur Ward

In the music business, selfless gratitude is rare. When I receive an email from an artist thanking me for writing my blog posts, for some reason I’m far more compelled to respond and listen to their music, than if they had just emailed me a link to check out their music.

7. Build 3 new contacts a week

I have to give Derek Sivers full credit for this last tip. Set yourself a goal of building three new music business connections a week, and in twelve months time you’ll know 156 new people in the music business!

Using all of the tips in this post, see if you can go and build three new music business contacts this week. If you have any thoughts or questions about this post, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below, or you can send me a tweet at @TheMusicGuide or drop me an email ( Tell me what you’re working on or what you need help with and I’ll do my best to help out.

Kevin7 Ways to Build Music Business Contacts
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