Think you don’t need a producer? 4 reasons to reconsider

This is the first in a series of guest blog posts written by music producer Rogers Masson. Rogers has worked with many independent and signed artists, in a variety of genres. His recent credits include chart topping work with ReverbNation artists Vintage Trouble and Day of Fire, along with emerging indie artists The Riot Tapes and Brian Mackey.

There’s no doubt that now is the best time to be an independent artist. With easy and inexpensive access to recording technology, marketing, distribution, and more how-to videos you could possibly watch in a lifetime, the aspiring musician has more tools today than ever before. However, there remain some aspects of a musician’s career that, when the time is right, are not DIY; working with a producer is one one of them. Here are four reasons why:

Rogers in the studio with Vintage Trouble

1) Keep up with today’s standards that are higher than ever

The potential spotlight on independent artists has never shined brighter or broader. But with so many talented people creating music, it’s critical that your recordings are absolutely the best they can be. Everyone in this industry, fans included, expects your songs to sound as good as everything else on their music player. A producer will get you the professional sound you want while you focus all your energy on making the music.

2) Benefit from an unbiased ear

Throughout the creative process, it is incredibly challenging to remove yourself from your own song and listen objectively. The producer is the unbiased opinion in the studio, giving it to you straight when decisions have to be made.  He’s there to say, “That’s it! That’s exactly what this track needs!”

3) Plan for the right time and space, at the right price

A good producer will assess your needs — and the budget required to fit those needs — with solid pre-production planning. He will define the amount of time needed to realize your vision for the project, and target the appropriate studio to make it happen. You need the right space, the right gear, and of course, the right vibe. A good producer will get you there.

Rogers is currently mixing the Irish band The Riot Tapes

4) Expand your network to take you further

A reputable producer has a wide network of colleagues and contacts also in the music industry. So many success stories begin with the line “a friend of a friend heard the music and it took off from there.” It’s the producer’s job to get your music in front of this network, and if your project gains attention, both you and the producer shine. Great music is good for everyone!

When you head into the studio with the right producer, at the right time, with clear expectations, you may just come out with a record that changes everything

When is the right time to bring a producer in to your inner circle?

If you really want to take your music as far as it can go, then you may be ready to bring in a producer. And that is the topic of my next post. Now go create some amazing music!

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SamThink you don’t need a producer? 4 reasons to reconsider


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